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A Dream Coming True

I guess it’s okay for me to spill the beans (albeit only partially) on what transpired this morning–I was in talks with a school to start holding soapmaking classes for its students on a regular basis! 😀

This is an absolutely thrilling development–I’m shaking in my chair as I type this! Not only was the chemistry teacher very receptive to the idea, but _other_ teachers who walked past our informal meeting asked if they could join the classes too. Given that the students are already familiar with their lab environment and some have already covered saponification as part of their regular curriculum, I reckon that they’ll have no trouble handling the lye, oils and the various equipment at all!

This has come about after several months of me plotting how would be the best way to offer cold process soapmaking classes without having to set up a facility from scratch. A school’s chemistry lab seemed like the perfect answer–it would have all its safety measures and protocols in place, plus all the necessary sinks and plug points and measuring equipment etc. Unfortunately schools are not permitted to offer any classes of this sort to the public so I’ll only be teaching the students registered there.

So today I met with two lovely teachers, both razor sharp and truly dedicated to their respective fields and to the school, and we discussed budgeting, scheduling and sourcing for handheld blenders and ingredients. Once my arrangements with them are finalised, I’ll let you know which school exactly I’ll be working with. 😉

Hurrah! I’m so thankful that my whacky idea was so warmly received. Now it’s time to make it work, and to put a little excitement into people’s lives. Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “A Dream Coming True

  1. Hi Michelle, Could Give me Rough Estimate of how many of you who do the backyard soap making in KL alone ? Thanks

    1. Hey Niko, I honestly wouldn’t know as I haven’t come across anyone else who does at the moment. Sorry that I can’t be of much help in this area.

  2. Hi, michelle! I am one of your student today.Thanks for teaching us how to make a lovely soap.I hope i can make it soon and i want to know where could I buy the blender for mixing the mixture.

    1. Hi YR! I had a blast teaching you all, and I’m thrilled that I got you excited about making your own soap!

      You can get hand-held blenders (also known as stick blenders) at most electrical appliance stores. I bought mine from Best Denki for about RM260, but there are other brands that cost less. Expect to pay RM150 upwards for a decent one though.

      Best of luck! 😉

  3. Hey SF, thanks for visiting and that’s way cool! I haven’t the faintest clue how to make fizzy baths, when did you do that? Do you still offer similar classes now?

  4. congratulation and all the very best to you. if you are offering to the public do let me know. i used to teach how to make frizzy baths etc.

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