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Hey Michelle, Where’s Your Product Page?

Work in progress
Work in progress

This blog just got kick-started good and proper about a month back, and only a week ago did we pick this brand spanking new design to play with. I love the look of my home on the web! In the meantime, while we continue to tweak with the design, here are several links that you’d probably be interested in, but may not see on the website just yet. (I’m really sorry about this! :”>)

About Us

Catalogue and Prices

Buy Your Soap

Contact Us

We’re working on this as fast as we can. Keep checking back for more news! Have a great day ahead ya?

2 thoughts on “Hey Michelle, Where’s Your Product Page?

  1. Hi Michelle Ho,
    I was driving to work this morning and was excited about your product and by some of your comments on BFM. Its the part about you helping some women refugees and putting aside 10% profit for charity(tithes ?).
    Anyway, here I was driving and thinking how to raise fund for my church building fund project and there you are on the radio – your product and concept just “jive” !

    Would you be prepare to help me to market your soap and make it as one of my church fund raising project ?

    If affirmative, pls contact me at or my mobile 012-3731116 to discuss further.

    god bless/Tony Tan

    1. Hi Tony! Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts, and I’d be most happy to see if we can work something out for your church fund-raising project. Will contact you shortly via e-mail. Have a fantastic start to your week!

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