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Our Next Appearance: Educare’s Earth Day Carnival, May 31st

Soap + Water + Toddlers = MAYHEM!

I’ll be setting up a little table at Educare Section 16 (where my son absolutely enjoys learning!) on May 31st to support the playschool’s “Earth Day Carnival”. It’s an even organised for the public, so EVERYONE is most welcome to join in the fun activities! Among other things, there will be carnival games, face painting, henna art, a recycling project, some earth-themed F&B and plenty of squirmy children going nuts over the hubbub!

On my part, I’ll be bringing a limited array of soap to be sold. More importantly though,  is that I have to dream up of some hands-on activities for the kids and adults to do with my soap to inject a bit of a fun element to my stall. Hmm… any suggestions, apart from using cookie-cutters to stamp out soap shapes?

Please do come and support this event. If you have children, bring them along – I can testify that the teachers at Educare truly care about their wellbeings and love all their charges to bits. Oh, and if you have plenty of old newspaper and other recyclable items that need to be cleared from your home, drive them over to the Carnival too. Remember to provide your own shopping bags and food containers, or you can purchase “Green Earth” bags at the Carnival and funds collected from these sales will be channeled to WWF and UNICEF.


  • Sunday, May 31st 2009
  • 0800hrs – 1200hrs
  • Educare Child Development Centre,
    42, Jalan 16/6,
    43650 Petaling Jaya,
  • Theme: The Green Camp

See you there!

1 thought on “Our Next Appearance: Educare’s Earth Day Carnival, May 31st

  1. Hi Michelle, sorry can’t attend cos have church, but here are some activity ideas you may be able to use…

    1. shrink the soap contest – see who can shrink a bar of soap the fastest
    2. soap carving – with some wood carving tools (for adults)
    3. stack the soap contest – a set of diff sized soap, see who can stack it in the fastest time
    4. soap slide contest – see who can slide the soap closest to the edge of the table (or other marker)

    🙂 Have fun!

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