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We’re At Jaya 33 in July

Hello everyone!

I’ll be setting up shop at Jaya 33’s weekend bazaars twice in July:

July 9th – 12th

July 23rd – 26th

Lots of friends have been asking when we’ll next be setting up stall. June has been a busy month for me with the family–attending a personal development seminar, spending a weekend in Bali, and tackling my kids’ bout of food poisoning this weekend (they’re already on the mend, thank goodness). So yes, it’s about time I get back into meeting all you lovely people in person and see how I can help your bath times be kinder to your skin.

If you’d like to pre-order any soap, have a gift pack specially made, or would just like to have a chat, e-mail me at michelle(at) Assuming my internet connection is stable, I won’t take longer than 3 business days to reply, I promise! 😉

Take care now.

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Green-Themed Fun at Educare

Kinder Soaps' table of soap slices at the Carnival
Kinder Soaps' table of soap slices at the Carnival

Earth Day messages, carnival games starting from 20 sen for a go, lucky draws, a craft corner, henna art, face-painting, a juice station where kids can help prepare fruits and vegetables for juicing… What a packed morning it was at Educare! Brandon was visibly overwhelmed at how his playschool had transformed into a carnival-like atmosphere, so much so he took quite a while to warm up to the surroundings all over again.

As always, I met some really nice people at the event–children, parents, teachers, visitors, other vendors. A special shout-out to Belinda who made the prettiest corsages! Brandon loved his. 😉

For the stall I had sliced up some bars of Olive Wheatgerm Honey, Goats Milk and Patchouli and Just Lavender bars to be sold at RM5 a slice, then RM4 a slice for 4pcs or more, and finally at just RM3 a slice for 10 or more pieces. By the end of the day I was almost out of Goats’ Milk and Patchouli soap–people loved its herbally scent! And luckily I still brought the full-sized bars along, because some people asked for them specifically.

I also was really happy that I could avail sample bars for people to take with them to the washroom to use, especially when they had kiddies to clean up from being outside all morning. One father, who bought some soap earlier, came back and asked for one so he could clean up his son’s face which had been painted on (and was starting to run off from all the sweat!). It’s a strange feeling to be so pleased sitting near the toilet!

Thank you to all the teachers and staff at Educare who made the event a real success. I hope you all managed to collect a sizeable sum in terms of donations for UNICEF and WWF as you had planned, and it was an honour to have been invited to be a part of such a heartwarming event.

My mom and a thoroughly sweaty Brandon at closing time
My mom and a thoroughly sweaty Brandon at closing time