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Essential Oils In The Mail, Whee!

Last week I was poking around to get some essential oils for my next batch of soap. There was such a variety on offer, it was quite difficult to rein myself in and not get carried away! So I finally settled on 5 bottles. They arrived beautifully and safely packaged on Saturday morning–the start of my excellent purchasing experience with them.

Here they are, still snugly cocooned in bubble wrap:


…and after the wraps came off…


…then I soon discovered just how serious Beauty 360 is in ensuring their goods arrive safely without spilling, when I opened one of the bottle caps. Is that PTFE tape they used to wrap the mouth of the bottle?


I was impressed. And better yet, the tape came off so easily and cleanly that the bottles looked as if they never were touched by any of it:


Ah, I truly am a happy camper. Based on my experiences with buying from Beauty 360, I trust them entirely to meet my needs. They’re a locally-based company! I love the idea of not having to turn to a non-Malaysian source for these kinds of things as I like supporting local businesses.

I have some ideas for future soap recipes floating about in my mind, and I definitely will be creating some new soaps really soon. Watch out for my next post where I’ll be unveiling my batch of french pink clay castile soap!

7 thoughts on “Essential Oils In The Mail, Whee!

  1. Hi, is there any other companies that sells essential oils other than 360degrees in kuala lumpur? Thanks!

    1. Hey Sadona! My trusted essential oil supplier who is based in KL is Wellness Original Ingredient. You can reach them at this email, ask for Alex. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Do you know anyplace I can buy pure cosmetic grade INDIGO powder in Kuala Lumpur, or anywhere in Malaysia? I want to blend it with henna for brown hair –natural coloring.

    012 275 3816

    1. Hey Gary, thanks for stopping by. I bought some indigo powder that is said to be for colouring hair from this website called Joy Minerals. I’ve yet to use it though, and there’s nothing on the package to say that it is cosmetic grade but you could of course just ask the website owner about it. I don’t know of any other sources for the powder, I’m afraid. Good luck!

    2. Hi Gary
      I was wondering if you found the place for indigo / henna powder in kl? Im looking for BAQ-body art quality henna powder – also for natural hair dyeing.

  3. I’m sure there could be quite a fair number of them out there, just that they’re out of my radar at the moment. :p

    Good that you have access to affordable essential oils, seeing that Australia produces some really high quality ones! I strongly support the idea of using local produce as far as possible. If I can’t find a local producer, then I buy from traders who have already brought the items I need into the country, so I won’t contribute further to pollution by flying something over from overseas.

  4. It is interesting to browse through the web for beauty 360degrees. Are there many Malaysian Companies that sell these stuff? I see their lavender and lemon essential oil are in the hundreds of ringgit! Wow, that is expensive. Over here they are only $8.25 for 100ml. Pure.

    The most expensive essential oil I’ve used is geranium oil, 100ml for $19.80. Haha! I already complained about it all the time.

    Although buying them from the US is even cheaper but the postage is a killer. So, I always ended up buying locally here as well.

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