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Soapmaking Class – Bummer…

Recall that I was all excited about conducting soapmaking classes at a local girl’s school.

Well, it’s still happening this July 16th–but it turns out that I won’t be paid. 🙁

The reason why is, according to Education Ministry regulations, the students cannot pay additional tuition for such extra curricular activities, unless given the go ahead by the Ministry as well as the school’s Parents and Teachers Association (PIBG). And it would take a LONG time to get that kind of clearance.

I am disappointed, for sure. But I will keep my word to run the class, as I still want to share what little I know of soapmaking with the girls, and perhaps also touch a bit on entrepreneurship if they’re interested to learn a little on that too. Whether or not I’ll pursue running classes at schools depends entirely on the level of response at that demonstration I will run on the 16th.

My dream of teaching soapmaking still lives on. Someone said that brick walls (obstacles) are not actually hindrances, but are actually there to keep *other* people out. :p And I also learn from observing my children, who are by nature persistent and often don’t bow to other people’s opinions about what they can and cannot do:

"...but I like it here, mummy."
"...but I like it here, mummy."

9 thoughts on “Soapmaking Class – Bummer…

  1. i am interested in learning how to make soap, pls inform me if there any classes for DIY. Thx

  2. Hi there,
    Should you want to conduct a class on soap making, pls let me know as I”m interesed to join. Pls………………

  3. May and Murni: I’m so sorry, I don’t conduct classes officially at the moment. There are a few logistic issues to consider, such as having enough equipment and space to make a conducive classroom environment. Lots of people have expressed their interest in cold process soapmaking and I do intend to one day conduct classes – I’ll definitely keep you in the loop as my pursuit to make this a reality unfurls. 🙂 Glad that you’re all interested in soapmaking!

  4. oooh i’d be interested in a class too michelle! drop me an email with the details, can? maybe i can get a few ladies to join in too.

  5. Hi there,

    I came across this little site as i was searching a bit on soap making.

    I found it extremely difficult to find the supplies, especially ‘lye’ to make soaps in KL.

    Michelle, do you make soaps made of lye or they are melt & pour soaps?

    do you conduct classes, perhaps personal tuition?

    I’m pretty interested to take this activity up.

    Many thanks.

    Kind rgds,

    1. Hi May, glad you dropped by. I only make cold process soap. No melt and pour, as I have found that they tend to be quite drying on the skin. This way I have complete control over my soap’s ingredients. 🙂 Let me know if you need any help for your own soapmaking attempts.

  6. I understand, if I teach I will definitely charge as well. There are classes here that costs A$195 per session (like on a saturday).

    Soap making is definitely priceless :o) I agree. My friends get very impressed when I give them my soaps.

    Will definitely give you a buzz if I do drop by KL.

  7. Michelle,
    Thanks for stopping by and nice to hear from you again.

    does that mean you won’t be teaching soapmaking officially at the school? Or just one day on the 16th? I think this is a fantastic extra curriculum. It would be very useful. Is that girl’s school a primary or secondary?

    1. I won’t be teaching any more classes as long as I don’t get paid – my opportunity cost is too high, seeing that I’m a full time mom, and we all know that THIS job is priceless! :p But I’ll still do the demo session at the school on the 16th. If the response is tremendous, and the students and teachers feel strongly about dealing with the Education Ministry on getting approval to let me charge for classes, then we’ll see how things go from there.

      Hey if you’re ever in KL you must give me a buzz, we can meet up!

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