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Currently Working On…

Jar of whipped body butter.
First batch of skin-lovin' goodness.

…whipped body butter! Using a combination of just vegetable oils and essential oils, I’m now experimenting with blends that are luxuriant on skin without needing to rely on preservatives, stabilizers etc that are normally present in store-bought body butters.

I’ve been working hard at this–and the results are pretty exciting!

The key active ingredient that I’m including in my blends is cocoa butter–the lovely stuff that has a subtle yet rich scent, and does wonders for dry skin. I’m now figuring out how to balance the solid and liquid oils in order to come up with a smooth, easy to apply butter. Another challenge is finding the right amount of cornflour to add to the blend so as to help counter the greasiness in body butters that some may not be accustomed to.

So far I’ve made 1 batch, which I’ve reworked because it was too solid. I also added a cocktail of essential oils–geranium, citronella and lavender–in an attempt to make the butter act as a mosquito repellent for the kids. The blend seems to work on me! This evening I applied the body butter on my arms and legs before heading off to my in-laws’ (their place is teeming with mozzies, unfortunately), and instead of coming home covered in itchy bumps as usual, I have none to show for my visit! My husband still got bitten despite the body butter though. He reckons maybe his own body odour trumped the essential oils. :p

Next step–to apply the butter on the kids. First I want to make sure they don’t have an adverse skin reaction (it is possible for citronella to irritate sensitive skin), and only then will I concern myself with observing whether they escape being mozzie buffets. Fingers crossed that the butter passes both tests!

Will these eventually be for sale? Yes, that is my goal. So far I have been receiving great feedback on my soap, but to *really* give skin proper all-round care, moisturizing is the next logical step. Apart from getting the formulation just right, I am also in the midst of sourcing for responsible packaging. I would love to use round glass jars for my body butters, but they have been quite difficult to find locally. The desire to minimise my environmental footprint has me searching for locally-produced or locally-available stock–suffice to say, the hunt goes on for a suitable packaging solution.

Alright now, time for bed and a brand new week to breeze through.

6 thoughts on “Currently Working On…

  1. Ai Shiang: Just goes to show that paper qualifications aren’t everything! 🙂 Of course, I mean this with all due respect to doctors. They do work very hard to get where they are today, after all, and there’s so much they can do for society that most of us can’t possibly pull off on our own.

    Yes Malaysia has similar regulations as what you mentioned. But I heard that so long as our kind of skincare remains mostly home made and in small quantities that aren’t widely advertised in the media, we probably won’t need to register the products. I’m definitely getting this clarified.

  2. Oh! Those doctors really don’t know what oils are good for what type of skin because these are not taught at university to them. I have a doctor at home. Even I cured his eczema which sounded weird hahah!

    There are regulations like applying for a licence to sell cosmetic. I had a look previously can’t remember it at the moment. I think you have to report how much chemical (in this case, sodium hydroxide) you use to make any soaps annually. Also pay a fee.

    Is that what is needed to be done in Malaysia too?

  3. ai shiang: I don’t think it’s because the doctor’s don’t know that natural stuff is better for skin. Don’t forget who also pays the doctors – pharmaceuticals. Food for thought, huh? 🙂 So it’s up to us little people to educate our friends and family about going natural as much as possible. Glad to hear that your skin has healed and that you’ve found your solution!

    What are regulations like in Australia about registering skin care products? In Malaysia I hear that it’s fairly strict. Am researching this area at the moment.

  4. Hello Michelle, what a coincidence! I’ve been making some solid lotion bar and body butter in the past 1 week too. I’ve tried 3 batches of which 2 turned out great and one I threw away.

    I got really tired with my dry skin and I also don’t want any preservative in my moisturiser. I cannot believe my skin irritation gone away before my eyes within 4 days. Oh goodness! Those doctors are so useless, how come they don’t know that these natural stuff are so good. I still cannot believe it.

    I’m also in the progress of getting more containers to distribute as samples. Good luck to you :o)

  5. Oh my that’s awesome! Yes please, the address would be most helpful, thank you so much! Or a phone number even. How much did you pay for the bottles, and what was the volume you used?

  6. There is a glass bottle supplier in old klang road. i used to buy from that place when i was conducting bath salts courses. i do not know the address, i only know how to find my way there. if u need i can try to get you the address

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