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New Offering: Whipped Cocoa Body Butter

Whipped Cocoa Body Butter jars. 50% cocoa butter content! Has your skin ever been pampered like this?
Finally my body butters are properly packaged to be sold!

After weeks of experimenting with the formulation, hunting for the right containers, and spending a little time to label design, my Whipped Cocoa Body Butters are now available for sale! Let me tell you a little bit about their ingredients and properties here. 🙂

First up, here’s exactly what went into the body butter:

  • cocoa butter
  • organic grapeseed oil
  • organic sweet almond oil
  • organic macadamia nut oil
  • organic wheatgerm oil
  • organic apricot kernel oil
  • cornflour
  • peppermint essential oil

As always, I’ve stayed clear of any artificial additives like preservatives, colourings and fragrances. All you’ll smell is a light touch of peppermint. It’s also *completely edible*! So no worries if you want to use it on your children, or have tots around the house. If they do manage to get the lid off the jar and have a taste of the contents, they’ll be fine. All they’ll taste is just a hint of mint. Yes, I did lick some myself to be sure.

(A friend asked if it goes well with toast–I wouldn’t recommend it, really.)

This combination of oils is great for all skin types, but I think those who have severely dehydrated skin might appreciate it even more, because of the high cocoa butter content (50%!). Just a little of the butter goes a long way. All you need to do is take a little of the stuff out, warm it up in the palm of your hands and apply it on damp skin (after showers is best). Too much and you might feel it’s greasy.

Which brings me to this–are you asking (as I did in the past) what cornstarch is doing in the list of ingredients? Well I’ve tried making batches both with and without cornstarch, and the result was quite interesting. The one with cornstarch was easier to wear all day because it made the butter feel less greasy, somehow. It was still just as moisturizing as the batch without.

If you’d like to try some, make your way over to the No Plastic Bag Bazaar at Noble Banquet, Jalan Bukit Bintang on Monday! These 130ml jars will be going for RM36 each. I’d love your feedback to see if I’m on the ball with my formulation, or if there’s anything more I can do to make it even better.

Here’s hoping this meets your skin’s needs for a good, comforting drink!

Oh, here’s a shot of the glass jars being dried in our fan oven after I sterilized them:

Oven-dried glass jars - a quick fix to make sure the jars were completely free from moisture.
Oven-dried glass jars - a quick fix to make sure the jars were completely free from moisture.

13 thoughts on “New Offering: Whipped Cocoa Body Butter

  1. Hey Veena, looking forward to meeting you then! I live in Section 16 myself, so Jaya 33 really is a very convenient location. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the info Michelle. I actually live around the corner from Jaya 33!! I’m really interested in your products so I’ll come see between the 24th and the 27th at Jaya33!

  3. Where do we go to buy your products?

    1. Hi Veena, I usually turn up at the Jaya 33 Weekend Bazaar, which takes place on the 2nd and 4th weekends of every month. I also arrange for pick-ups for some customers depending on their location in the Klang Valley. No brick and mortar shop at the moment, sorry. :”>

  4. Too bad I couldnt make it to the bazaar on Monday. But.I.Would.Like.One.Bottle.Of.Cocoa.Butter.Goodness… please!


    1. Hey Lynn, no worries. I’ll reserve a jar for you! They’re going fast, good thing you let me know you’re keen early. See you at the Jaya 33 Bazaar this coming weekend?

  5. Ai Shiang: Good point – you gave me an idea to include that bit about keeping your hands dry or using a spatula even, on the jars’ labels. That way I won’t have to keep parroting that to each person who buys my body butter! :p Sales were so-so (I think people were primarily interested in clothing that day) but I made some interesting business contacts, could be doors opening for Kinder Soaps to go to a new level.

    Murni: Thanks for the testimonial! 😀 I hope you get to find all the ingredients you need for your DIY skincare. Just gimme a shout if you need any more contacts, more than happy to help where I can.

  6. i can attest to the fact that michelle’s body butter is just heavenly! i tried a teeny bit of it on my hands at the no plastic bag bazaar & my hands were so soft & moisturised for the rest of the day! way to go michelle!

    oh by the way, i have to say “hey ya” to helwa! fancy bumping into you here 😉

  7. That’s good to include “use-by” date. I am planning on including that disclaimer too. I’ve asked 2 – 3 store owners on how do they manage. They all have a use-by date between 2 to 6 months. I guess it depends on which part of the world they are in.

    By the way, just another input on your previous reply. If there is mold, at an early stage, you won’t be able to see it with your naked eyes. But as long as there is no consumer contamination like scooping with dirty and wet fingers. I suppose the product can last longer.

    How was the sales went at the Bazaar during Merdeka day?

  8. Ai Shiang: I included wheatgerm oil for its highly antioxidant properties, but I also put a 2-month use-by symbol on my packaging just to be safe.

    Patty: I heard you can get cocoa butter from bakery supply shops. I bought mine straight from a cocoa manufacturer, but had to get 25kg (1 entire box!) at a go. It’s sitting in my kitchen now! :p

    Helwa: Thanks for the input. Hey, one of your customers who bought soap from me yesterday, Murni, mentioned your business and website! Will be checking out your store, definitely. 🙂 Vanilla beans, mmmmm…

  9. cocoa butter especially the pure prime pressed already have a high content of natural antioxidant in them 🙂 lol…

  10. nice:) if got chance would like to try it on.
    ya, dear, may i know where to get cocoa butter?is there any groceries shop o pharmacy selling?
    thank u.

  11. Very pretty labelling.

    You don’t include anti-oxidant?

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