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What Moisturizer Do I Use For My Kids?


Lately I’ve turned to using body oils as moisturizers, opting out of the usual baby lotions which still contain preservatives. It takes just a little effort and some getting used to, but I guarantee you that if you have little tots about the house to care for, this is a real fun skincare routine that you’ll all enjoy.

So here’s what I blend together for my basic body oil:

  • macadamia nut oil (70%)
  • wheatgerm oil (20%)
  • avocado oil (10%)

I’ll get round to explaining why I chose these oils in a bit. But first, let me tell you how I get my kids excited about this moisturizing routine.

Get a spray bottle and fill it with plain water. Tap water is fine, but you can use mineral water if you wish. I personally don’t encourage the latter for environmental reasons, but the choice is still yours. I’m still using up a spray can of Evian mineral water that I received as a door gift a year ago. (Well, it’s not good to waste either, right?)

Then spritz your kids all over with the water–face, arms, legs, tummies, backs. I seriously doubt there are children out there who aren’t thrilled at the prospect of this kind of play! Mine have grins plastered on their faces in anticipation of the cool mist, everytime I whip out the spray can. It’s also a great distraction ploy.

Once their skin is dampened, apply a small amount of the blended oils directly to their skin. It’s even ok for their faces – just avoid their eyes. It might seem a little greasy at first but the oils do sink into the skin after about 2-3 minutes. Apply this as often as required, whenever their skin looks like in need of a little extra loving.

If you’d rather not use a water spray, just make this part of your kids’ bath time routines, applying the oil right after they shower before toweling off.

And of course it’s great for grown-ups too! 😉

Now, coming back to why I chose these oils to blend together:

Macadamia nut oil is rich in palmitoleic acid, which occurs naturally in our body’s fatty tissues and in our liver. I’ve read somewhere that its properties closely match that of our skin’s sebum, which makes it a great ingredient to help our skin stay moisturized. It’s a popular carrier oil in spas and aromatherapy practices as it is absorbed easily, and of course brings with it a lot of love.

Wheatgerm oil is naturally rich in tocopherols, what we normally refer to as Vitamin E. I added this to the blend because Brandon tends to get all kinds of bumps and scratches which don’t heal particularly well on their own. Once I started applying the oil on his legs, the skin has visibly softened and the scars are finally fading after a week’s application.

Avocado oil is particularly good for plumping up dry skin. I used less of this oil because it’s a little thicker than the rest and I didn’t want it to get too heavy for the kids. Otherwise you can bump up the proportion of this oil for yourself if your skin needs added moisture.

Where can you get these oils? I got my stash from Jaya Grocer, at Jaya 33 Petaling Jaya. Otherwise you can check out Village Grocer at Bangsar Village, or other organic supply stores. Of the 3 oils, wheatgerm oil is by far the most costly, almost double the price of the other two–but believe me, it’s totally worth it when you feel what a difference it makes to your skin. Keep your wheatgerm oil in the fridge to help preserve its healthful properties for longer.

Now get your kids into this fun skincare routine!

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