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Taking Deep Breaths…

Live radio interview at BFM tomorr… Oh wait a minute, *later* this morning. :p 10am. Gotta wake up bright and early to make sure Brandon gets to playschool in a good mood, then head straight over to the studio. I’m not taking any chances with post-Raya traffic conditions!

Looking forward to it! Please send over your good vibes so I can speak coherently throughout the interview. :”>

Now off to bed.

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Soapmaking With Mon Refugees

The Mon women (photo courtesy of Dominika Florek)
The Mon women (photo courtesy of Dominika Florek)

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of teaching a group of Mon women how to make soap. A big thank-you goes out to Kristina Lakhiani who pulled the group together for the activity. At first I thought it would be a one-off affair for the refugees, but some really exciting long-term plans are in store for them and Kinder Soaps.

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Reality Bites #1 – You Only Get 24 Hours A Day

Will she make soap too, some day?
Will she make soap too, some day?

I’ve been wanting to share with you some of the lessons I have (and am still learning) as a very green entrepreneur. Although it has been largely introspective thus far, I reckon that by giving my thoughts a written voice, not only would I remind myself how I have grown, but perhaps I could help some people out there who are thinking of starting their own business too.

Most of what you’ll find in this series, I expect, would be my experiences and what I got out of them. They aren’t by any means an expert’s advice, but rather a peek into how one young entrepreneur, a mother of two toddlers, grapples with the business of making and selling handmade soap.

So to get the ball rolling in this inaugural post of Reality Bites, I’d like to talk about time management.

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Live Radio Interview on BFM89.9

What will I sound like on radio???
What will I sound like on radio???

This is the stuff of my dreams!

Ever since I started seriously working on Kinder Soaps at the end of last year, I found myself turning into a loyal listener of BFM89.9. I think their music, interview content and presenters are intelligent, and they always have something of value to offer listeners, especially those who are budding business people.

They have a section called Open For Business at 10am every weekday morning where they interview entrepreneurs about what they do, how they started up their businesses, the challenges they face etc. It’s always very inspiring to hear how others got their feet wet and are currently doing more than just keeping their businesses afloat. And I daydreamed about how awesome it would be if Kinder Soaps could be on air one day.

That ‘one day’ is happening on Monday, September 28th 2009 at 10am. 😀

I am so, SO very grateful for how it all happened. My first customer at last week’s bazaar turned out to be one of BFM’s producers, and after a few cursory questions she asked if I would be interested to be interviewed at the radio station where she worked. 😮 *WOULD* I indeed? I get to meet and speak with Freda Liu in person!

How do I feel? At times excited, nervous, thankful, confident… But always enthusiastic.

So if you have the time, do tune in to BFM89.9 this coming Monday the 28th at 10am to catch Kinder Soaps LIVE on air. Don’t worry if you can’t though–the podcast should be out on their website and I’ll definitely link to it from here.

Yay for radio!

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Kinder Soaps Supports Budimas

Budimas LogoBack in July I signed up to be a regular donor to The Budimas Charitable Foundation, where 10% of Kinder Soaps’ profits are set aside to be channeled to charity. I know it’s been a while since I put my signature down on the pledge form, but I was caught up with other things so I never did quite get round to blogging about it.

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All-New, Whizz-Bang Website For Kinder Soaps!

One long evening of work, and here we have a spanking new look for Kinder Soaps’ website, complete with its very own Shopping Cart feature! I can’t believe it’s finally up! And at long last, the Products page is there on the side bar to your left so you’ll know exactly what I have in stock.

Do take a tour round the site. There are still a few things that need fixing up here and there so if you come across something that doesn’t look quite right, shoot me an e-mail at so I can have it looked at.

Who does all the credit go to for the IT side of Kinder Soaps? My patient, ever-supportive and practical husband. He won’t blow his own trumpet on this kind of thing, but THIS is his element. If you’re interested to know what he does for  a living, look for Wu Han on MindValley’s website. None of what you see of Kinder Soaps online would have come to fruition so quickly without his awesome IT and user experience expertise.

3am. I’m tired but happy, and it’s time to recharge for a brand new day. I-)

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Kinder Soaps Gets A Mention In The Star!

First up, a huge thank-you is in order for Janet Lee who was the key person responsible for making the No Plastic Bag Bazaar such a success. You da woman! 😀 Your awesome organizing skills, pulling all parties together to work towards the goal of raising funds for the Furry Friends Farm and Malaysian Nature Society was clearly visible. And you still had time to sing for us, AND get some shopping done!

For a quick overview of what the bazaar was all about, check out the Star news article here.

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Whipping Up New Ideas for Body Butter

I’ve been giving some thought to expanding my line of whipped body butters ahead of this month’s Jaya 33 weekend bazaars. It’s partly in response to requests from friends and customers, but mostly in the spirit of fun and experimentation. :p

So while the base ingredients that make up the moisturizing properties of the whipped body butter will remain, here are some variants I can do with regards to the essential oils for scent:

  • Calming (Chamomile Roman and Lavender)
  • Pick-Me-Up (Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Rosemary)
  • Bye-Bye Bugs (Citronella, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Geranium)

I’m most looking forward to the Calming blend, to be honest. The bottle of chamomile EO sitting in my drawer is BEGGING to be used! But hey, I’m sure you guys have some ideas you’d like to share on what kind of properties you’d like from a body butter. Fire away! We could come up with something unique, who knows?