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All-New, Whizz-Bang Website For Kinder Soaps!

One long evening of work, and here we have a spanking new look for Kinder Soaps’ website, complete with its very own Shopping Cart feature! I can’t believe it’s finally up! And at long last, the Products page is there on the side bar to your left so you’ll know exactly what I have in stock.

Do take a tour round the site. There are still a few things that need fixing up here and there so if you come across something that doesn’t look quite right, shoot me an e-mail at so I can have it looked at.

Who does all the credit go to for the IT side of Kinder Soaps? My patient, ever-supportive and practical husband. He won’t blow his own trumpet on this kind of thing, but THIS is his element. If you’re interested to know what he does for  a living, look for Wu Han on MindValley’s website. None of what you see of Kinder Soaps online would have come to fruition so quickly without his awesome IT and user experience expertise.

3am. I’m tired but happy, and it’s time to recharge for a brand new day. I-)

5 thoughts on “All-New, Whizz-Bang Website For Kinder Soaps!

  1. Very sweet and pretty new website:) and Nice new collection of soap, can’t wait to try it and have a look at it:)
    ya, do reply my mail when you have the free time ya:) happy day to u ya.:)

  2. the site looks great michelle! you’re so lucky to have such a talented hubby to help 🙂

    by the way, i love the tea tree, lemongrass & lime soap i bought from you at the no plastic bag bazaar! i’ve been using it everyday for my body & face & it’s doing wonders! will you be setting up a stall any time soon? i want to check out your dream time & jaffa soap. sounds delish!

    1. Hey Murni! Thanks for the thumbs-up on the website’s new look. And even better is that you’re enjoying the soap, I’m so glad to hear that! 🙂 I’m at Jaya 33’s bazaar this weekend (tomorrow’s the last day) and again in two weeks’ time. Sorry, I’m nowhere near your home ground. :p But yes it would be nice to touch base with you again, and who knows, you might find some unusual things at this bazaar too.

  3. Hey Ai Shiang, thanks for the compliment! The soaps weigh in between 50g and 130g. Now that you’ve asked this, I’ll be including the weight details in the descriptions soon. Tonight, tonight…

  4. Nice new website. I had a browse, what is the weight of each soap?

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