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Awesome Interview With BFM

Oh my gosh, I had a tonne of fun at BFM yesterday! Not only did the interview go well (from what I recall, anyway) but everyone in the office were such warm individuals! Thank you so much BFM for making me feel right at home.

I arrived a half hour before the interview was due to start. Belinda (whom I later found out was still studying and running her events management business alongside working at BFM. PHWOAR!) played host, made sure I had enough water to drink and introduced me to some people. Then Freda swept into the office practically glowing with cheerfulness, and we got round to discussing the topics we’d cover during the interview.

By the time we transferred our chatting and laughing from the *makan* table outside into the studio for the live broadcast, the jitters had all but disappeared. Freda made everything we did and talked about feel to me as natural as a one-on-one conversation I would have with a friend. The only stumper was when she asked me what advice I would give to people who didn’t have the kind of support structures I had to help me manage the business along with caring for the children… My husband was laughing at me when he recounted what I said, and I felt horribly embarrassed when I finally realised its implications. :’>

Wait for the podcast and you can *cucuk* me also, okay?

After the interview was officially wrapped up, I had the good fortune of being able to chat with Freda and also quite a number of the other BFM staff, some of whom were friends from long, long ago! I also gave each person there the soap slices tied to my business cards as a little token of appreciation–I’m *still* over the moon about actually going on air. :p

So once again, many, many thanks to BFM for giving me the chance to tell the public about Kinder Soaps and why it came to be. You guys are awesome. Let’s do this again! 😀

Oh, and since I forgot to take a photo with everyone at the studio :(( here’s a shot of my celebratory lunch instead:

Hakka porridge and yong tau foo!
Hakka porridge and yong tau foo!

5 thoughts on “Awesome Interview With BFM

  1. Thanks Michelle, I just purchased the Goats milk and the breakfast bar. I hope to see you soon to collect these. Can’t wait to try them out.

    1. Hey Dax, awesome! Glad you’re keen to try the soap. I really hope they help to at the very least soothe your daughter’s flare-ups. Will see you soon. 😉

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I heard your interview on BFM and I wanted to know if you are still at Jaya 33. I would love to go there and buy a bar to try out. My daughter suffers from eczema as well (not severe though) so I would love to try your soap. What would you recommend?

    BTW, are you still at Jaya 33?

    1. Hi Dax, thanks for listening in to BFM! I’ll be in Bangsar Village II’s flea market on the 3rd floor, on the 2nd and 4th weekends of this month (see “Let’s Meet” in this page’s sidebar). Won’t be at Jaya 33 again till November I reckon. Do you live near Jaya 33?

      So far I recommend people who have eczema to try the Goat’s Milk and Patchouli soap, as this was the bar that I initially formulated for my daughter’s condition, and it’s helped it clear completely. It could work for your girl too. Otherwise some other bars she could try would be Just Lavender (soothing) or The Breakfast Bar (contains oatmeal to reduce itching).

  3. Let’s hear the podcast! Sorry for not catching it live on-air, but I’d love to hear how it went 🙂

    Told ya it’d be a snap, especially with your vivacious personality.

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