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Kinder Soaps Supports Budimas

Budimas LogoBack in July I signed up to be a regular donor to The Budimas Charitable Foundation, where 10% of Kinder Soaps’ profits are set aside to be channeled to charity. I know it’s been a while since I put my signature down on the pledge form, but I was caught up with other things so I never did quite get round to blogging about it.

Personally, I feel it’s a big step to commit to a regular donation to a charitable foundation. Now I have this thing at the back of my mind where I am even more aware that I am no longer doing this business just for myself and my own enjoyment. Not that it takes the fun out of working of course!

Choosing Budimas was somewhat serendipitous, as that weekend when I was running a bazaar stall at Jaya 33, I was specifically thinking of finally taking the jump of signing up to donate regularly to a child-centric charity. It just so happened that Budimas had also set up a booth to solicit donations that day, so I went for it. 🙂

This is just the beginning, and I’m so glad that I can put a checkmark against one of my goals for Kinder Soaps which I set earlier this year.

Now to get back to minding the kids… :p

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  1. Way to go, Michelle! So nice to have bumped into you at Jaya 33 last weekend. It seemed like just a short while ago you told me about this venture, and lookie here! 🙂 See you again real soon, ok.

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