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Surprising Soap Deco Supply Shop

Dried leaves and flower petals for making teaThe next time I want to get my supply of dried flowers to adorn my soap, I’m *not* going to order it online from a specialty skincare store. Let me tell you what I’ll do instead.

I’m going to head over to my neighbourhood *yok choi poh* (chinese medicine hall) and ask the friendly uncle behind the counter to show me the nicest flower bud teas he has. 😀

This morning I happened to find a parking spot right outside the *yok choi poh* when I went to do my marketing. After getting my groceries, I kinda wandered into the shop and asked the uncle (I **have** to find out his name) if he had any rose buds in stock.

And what beautiful dried rose buds they were! Each one was a deep, purpley red, without any yellowing on the fringes of its petals. For under RM10 I could walk out of the shop with a 100g bag of rose buds, which is a LOT for my use. Ooh, I wonder what other flowers uncle has!

Can’t wait to see how they look in future soap batches. 8->

4 thoughts on “Surprising Soap Deco Supply Shop

  1. Any discounts for buying more than 1 soap?

    1. Hi Ann, I’m afraid I’m not running any official price promotions at the moment, but I do consider bulk purchases on a case by case basis with regards to discounts. Do call or e-mail me if you intend to buy lots and we’ll see if we can work something out. 🙂

  2. Oh, that’s a good idea, didn’t think of that! 🙂 Will have a browse of the tea aisle the next time I go to the supermarket to see what they’ve got. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Have you been to the tea and coffee aisle in the supermarket? If they sell exotic tea, they should sell a lot of other flower teas as well. Over here, I see chamomile buds, rose buds and other buds that I don’t recognize. Maybe you should give it a try too?

    I guess, perhaps the medicine store has more options :).

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