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Taking Deep Breaths…

Live radio interview at BFM tomorr… Oh wait a minute, *later* this morning. :p 10am. Gotta wake up bright and early to make sure Brandon gets to playschool in a good mood, then head straight over to the studio. I’m not taking any chances with post-Raya traffic conditions!

Looking forward to it! Please send over your good vibes so I can speak coherently throughout the interview. :”>

Now off to bed.

3 thoughts on “Taking Deep Breaths…

  1. Haven’t been visiting you lately. You’ve been very active lately huh? Good for you.

  2. WAHAHAH. good one, woman! It was pleasant to hear you through the radio. 😀

    1. Hey, thanks a lot Jill. Phew! Everyone I spoke with at BFM really helped me settle into the interview comfortably–they’re all such nice people. Ai Shiang, yes these few days have been jam-packed with activity! Lots of new developments, hoping that I can keep up with everything. 8-}

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