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3 New Whipped Body Butters In The Pipeline

Thank you to all those who tried, bought and loved my whipped cocoa body butter that was scented with peppermint essential oil. I’ve only got 1 more jar left in stock–thanks to the very enthusiastic Shelly, Melanie and colleagues!

From your very helpful feedback on this, particularly from those who have eczema, I am definitely going to put together an unscented version of the body butter, as well as one that contains roman chamomile and lavender essential oils for those who want an additional soothing component to their body butters.

Both of these are especially intended to help those with severe eczema, though of course everyone else (with the exception of very young children, under 3 years of age as cocoa butter may be too heavy an oil for their skin). Chamomile and lavender essential oils are commonly used to soothe inflamed skin, and I myself am using this blend to control my occasional, mild eczema flare-ups.

I should have these ready for sale this weekend at Bangsar Village II. If the curiosity of your olfactory and tactile senses have been tickled, do come over to my booth and test the body butters for yourself to see (and feel!) if they really can make a difference for your skin.

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