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First Trial Run For Anti-Mozzi Oil Blend

Brandon and Andrea at our playground
Brandon and Andrea at our playground

Whenever I send my kids over to my in-laws’ place for the afternoon, they invariably come home with terribly itchy mosquito bites. Hubby and I get bitten badly too. Andrea gets a lot more than Brandon–and she has been losing sleep at night because of this. Usually at about 1am she’ll start stirring from her slumber and I’ll hear her swishing her legs on the mattress, trying to rub away at the bites.

So before Saturday night’s mooncake festival barbecue do at their place, I mixed together some grapeseed oil, a little citronella essential oil (repellent) and lavender essential oil (repellent and skin soother) to apply on my family to see if it would help keep the mosquitoes at bay. I crossed my fingers.

It seemed to work well in the first 2 hours, when the scent was at its strongest (which wasn’t unpleasant). I didn’t get bitten. It was hard to see if the children were protected though, as they already had some old bite marks all over their legs. But I started getting bitten again when the scents faded almost completely.

Looks like I’ll need to do more field tests. This is promising–perhaps all that is needed is to keep applying the oil regularly to prevent more bites.

4 thoughts on “First Trial Run For Anti-Mozzi Oil Blend

  1. I forgot to mention, the orange essential oil was diluted as well (usage at 3%). Maybe I’m just ultra ultra sensitive haha!

    I took the allergy pills Loratadine, but it still itches. So, I was given a very short course of steriod for 3 days. Everything seems normal now.

    1. Aiyo poor thing! Maybe you can try diluting it down to 2%? That’s the general rule of thumb that I stick to. Or was the experience bad enough to put you off orange EO entirely? :p I guess it’s just prudent to be safe lah, since you know you already reacted badly to the stuff. Have you had any other EOs that caused a sensitive skin reaction?

  2. Do you apply citronella eo straight onto the skin? It doesn’t cause irritation at all?

    I had bad reaction last week. Allergic sensitivity reaction I believe. I started using orange essential oil which I never used before. I get rashes all over my body. It’s a delayed reaction, so my body only reacted to it after the absorption. Only then, I checked out a list of EOs that are sensitive to skin. Since you mentioned citronella and it is classified as a type of sensitizing oil, so I thought I ask you if you get any bad reaction.

    1. Hey Ai Shiang, oh dear has your skin cleared up after your breakout last week? How did you help it heal?

      Yes there are quite a number of essential oils that can cause skin irritation in high concentrations or used on hypersensitive skin. I always dilute my essential oils heavily before using them in my oil blends, even the supposedly ‘mild and soothing’ ones like lavender and chamomile – using pure essential oil directly on skin is a big no-no.

      But to answer your question, no, none of us had a bad skin reaction towards the oil blend, even the kids. Still, I’m sure there are also other people out there who would break out regardless, because their skin is really hypersensitive.

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