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Kinder Soaps’ Bazaar Participation This Weekend Cancelled

I have decided not to set up booth at this weekend’s bazaar at Bangsar Village II. We have a family crisis–my mother is critically ill and is being rushed home tonight from Singapore after undergoing surgery there. Her cancer seems to have caused more complications and doctors have indicated that there’s not much else they can do to help.

So I’d like to have this time to spend with her and my family instead.

I’m sorry if this causes anyone any inconvenience. The online store is always open so please feel free to browse here. 🙂 Do take care, everyone, and have a good weekend.

3 thoughts on “Kinder Soaps’ Bazaar Participation This Weekend Cancelled

  1. Veena: Sorry to hear about your mom too. How is she faring at the moment? Thanks for the encouragement, it’s helping to keep my chin up. 🙂

    Patty: Thanks, and hope your work turns out well for you, no matter what form it takes.

  2. hi mich,i hope you are ok and i will pray for your mom and family.lately i also busy at work..will reply your mail later or we could meet up later once your thing all settled down and smooth:) i still yet to decide which to try on soap..dun stress and god will bless you.

  3. Hi Michelle ‘ I’m sorry to hear about your Mom, I’ve just gone through a difficult time with my Mom and cancer ,you’re doing the right thing by being with your Mom right now. Take care. To perk you up a bit, you Cocoa Butter is fabulous! Don’t stop making it!

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