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No More Bazaars For KS Temporarily :(

Ah, Life.

Just when I thought things were settling down after my mother’s passing, our maid tried to run away a few days ago. After sending her back to the agency, and without a viable replacement in sight for at least 3 months, my husband and I have been neck deep with house chores and managing the kids. The initial 2 days were madness but we’re getting used to all the juggling now. :p

So I think up till early next year it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to run any bazaar stalls for Kinder Soaps. I’ll miss meeting you all in person. But I’ll still be taking orders over the phone and through this website, so don’t worry if you need to restock your soap supplies, or even make that Christmas hamper you’ve been thinking about.

Another reason why I have to slow down a little is because I’m expecting baby number 3. :”> I’m about 9 weeks along now so managing energy levels is a tricky business at the moment. And it’s also interesting (and amusing) how some essential oils that I used to like now make me feel like throwing up.

Ah, Life. 🙂 You take care now, and have a wonderful week ahead.

3 thoughts on “No More Bazaars For KS Temporarily :(

  1. First of all congrats on your pregnancy…I hope you do take care of yourself…Yeah all this maid issue always make us crazy but at the end once we spend more time with our child we sure feel bless with the opportunity GOD have given us…Take care

  2. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. I have nothing to say except that do not be affected by these sad events. These adversities are temporary in nature and what you should do is to take the courage to face these new challenges and your heart soon will be healed. Take care

  3. I can think your situation and feeling. What I can say is that all these adversities are temporary in nature, take the courage to face these challenges and times will heal your mind and soul.

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