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Crunch Time

When I left my job as head of customer service at a local unit trust firm, I thought my days of occasionally pulling all-nighters were at an end.

Since yesterday, I’ve been working till about 2am to make batches of soap for a client, for whom I am really grateful. But gosh, I didn’t realise how tiring it would be! I’ve been on my feet all night ever since the kids went to bed, and having to draw out even more of myself after a full day of non-stop activity. Granted, it Was a beautiful day (lunch and laughter with a new-found friend, buying new bedsheets for the kids, flipping through Real Simple mags in a 3-hour wait to see my gynae).

But everyone has limits. And I think I’m pushing past mine. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, we’ll just have to see what I’m like in a few hours when the kids wake up. :”>