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Cleanse Your Face With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I kid you not. I’ve experimented with it on myself, and I love the results–soft, quenched skin that may not need additional moisturizer afterward. Here are some of the main reasons why I’m so excited about cleansing my face this way:

  • It’s fragrance, preservative, and colouring-free. Suitable even for the most sensitive of skin.
  • It’s cheap! Well, compared to buying your usual cleansers from cosmetic companies and pharmacies anyway.
  • I love the thought of how it nourishes your body, both inside and out.
  • Effectively clears your skin of the heaviest makeup without the use of harsh chemicals

If you’re curious about how easy, effective, gentle and simply wonderful this oil can be for your skin and its cleansing routine, read on!

All you have to do is to pour out a little extra virgin olive oil (other oils like jojoba or sweet almond are also great for the skin, but olive oil is by far more accessible to us Malaysians) on the palm of your hand (about the size of a 50sen coin will do, but being generous with the amount makes for a little more luxury!), warm it up a little by rubbing your palms together, and then massaging it gently all over your face. Avoid the eye area. When you’re done, stand under a warm shower (if you like) and rinse off the oil by working up a gentle lather with some soap on your face. I’d recommend all-natural, cold process soap, of course! πŸ˜‰

What I found was that my soap didn’t strip off all the oil from my face but instead left  behind just the right amount of olive oil to protect and nourish my skin so I didn’t have to look for any moisturizer when I was done. And guess what, cleansing your face this way also works really well for removing makeup! Tried and tested by yours truly. I must admit though, I need to do a bit more researching and testing to see which plant oils are safe for use on the eye area (right now I’m just using baby oil for removing eye makeup, but it’s mineral oil).

How about adding a little gentle scrubbing action to your cleanser? Just mix about 1/3 of a teaspoon of brown sugar to the oil and work that into your skin while you cleanse. I’ve found that white sugar is waaaay too abrasive for my liking so I stick to just brown sugar. It softens skin because it contains glycolic acid that naturally exfoliates the epidermis by breaking down the chemical bonds that hold the dead skin cells together. Again, it leaves me with super-soft, dewy skin. Personally I limit my scrubs to just once a week because my skin is sensitive.

Hope this article at least gets you curious about trying this really cheap, simple cleansing solution at home! πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “Cleanse Your Face With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for this tips!
    Does this works on oily skin?

    1. Hey Zhafa, yes it would work on oily skin too – but just be mindful of rinsing off the oil with soap and water after you’re done!

  2. Hi Michelle!
    Can you give me atleast 3 best suppliers in KL where I could buy this raw materials for soap? I am also a soapmaker here in Manila, Philippines. I often travel to Malaysia, so I want to compare and check some raw mats that are not available in Manila. πŸ™‚
    And do they require permit to purchase it? Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi! May I know where u bought this extra virgin olive oil? How much is it?

    1. Hi Gemma, you’ll be able to find it at your nearest supermarket, in the cooking oil section. My personal favourite is the brand called Bertolli — I grew up using it, as my mother would regularly massage it into my hair as a once-a-month conditioning treatment. πŸ™‚ A small bottle of maybe 500ml might set you back by about RM25, I’m not quite certain. But it’s definitely affordable!

  4. i’m going to try this out tonight! πŸ˜€

    1. YES please do! Let us know how it goes, okay?

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