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Now Curing – Reformulated Dream Time Soap

I finally carved out some time a few nights ago to put my new formulation for my Dream Time Soap to the test–it’s turned out great, and my balcony smells so pleasant now that they’re sitting on my curing rack for the next 3-4 weeks to dry out.

This soap is intended for you who have sensitive skin that is prone to acne flare-ups, and especially those with reddened skin on the face when aggravated by stress or external pollutants. (Which of course means everyone else can use it too. 🙂 ) My intention is to help soothe your inflamed skin, albeit perhaps only temporarily because of the vast number of underlying causes to your skin condition. Guess what–my skin behaves like this occasionally as well.

So what’s different in the soap now? Firstly I simplified the base oils, using sunflower oil, palm oil, certified organic coconut oil and cocoa butter to gently cleanse and nourish skin. I’ve also added more skin-soothing essential oils to the blend, which also means a slightly more sophisticated scent. They are:

  • Patchouli
  • Rosemary
  • Geranium
  • Tea tree
  • Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile

How’s that for everyday luxury?

Plus they’re now a good 100g size so they don’t look and feel like mere decorative pieces anymore–hit the showers with them! 😉 I also found that our Malaysian humidity and my storage limitations make embedding those rose buds impractical, so I skipped that (I can see my cousin nodding in agreement!).

There you have it–a fresh new batch of Dream Time Soap now curing and to be up for sale from the 26th of this month at RM18 a bar. If you’d like me to reserve a bar for you, just shop around the site as usual and I’ll send them to  you once they’re sufficiently cured.

I really hope you’ll enjoy using the soap as much as I relished the whole process of creating it!

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