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One Late Night’s Work

The finished gift packs of 4 soap bars each
The finished gift packs. Photo taken at 1:03am!

Wanna know what it took for me to prepare 20 of these cute little gift packs of 4 soap bars each? In a nutshell, as a mom of 2 toddlers around whom the world can be construed as an accident waiting to happen, I can only safely (and sanely) do work like this when they’re both asleep at night. :”> So here’s how I went about it.

When I first got a confirmation on Shazmin’s order (thank you SO much my dear, you helped make Kinder Soaps’ new year start with a bang!) for 20 custom-made gift packs, I made a shopping list of all the stuff I’d need for the project, namely:

  • 20 new flower pots
  • red netting
  • white netting
  • get new soap labels done at my neighbourhood printer (Lap Soon is an AWESOME digital print shop!)

I had to get to work pronto, as Shazmin’s daughter’s birthday party was on Sunday morning and she confirmed her order on Thursday. So my Friday was jam-packed with errands. It looked like this:

  • 8:30am Send Brandon to playschool
  • Do house chores and entertain Andrea at home
  • 10:30am Put Andrea to bed
  • 12:00pm Get dressed, wake Andrea, bustle her into the car to go fetch Brandon from playschool
  • 12:30pm Settle the kids at in-laws’ home for the afternoon
  • 1:00pm Head over to Lap Soon to print and trim labels
  • 2:00pm Zoom off to IKEA to buy pots and netting after lunch at the Curve
  • 4:00pm Zoom back home for a short break
  • 6:30pm Meet hubby and kids at in-laws’ for dinner
  • 9:30pm Come home and put the kids to bed
  • 10:30pm Start work on gift packs

First was the labeling, which I did at our dining table (it’s the only area that’s large enough to accommodate all my junk. Then once all the soap bars were neatly arranged in piles on the table I started filling in the pots with their contents:

Putting the soap bars into the gift packs
Family life and Kinder Soaps have to mix in this household

And once they were done I arranged them on the floor by the piano:

Pots of love
Soap garden?

Then came the final wrapping up in white netting to hold all the contents together. I’m very glad I can avoid having to resort to plastic shrink wrapping as most conventional gift packs are done up. Oh alright, it wasn’t really an option to begin with since I don’t have the means or know-how to get the equipment to do shrink wrapping in the first place! :p But yeah, I’m glad I can use netting instead–and to good effect as well:

Ugly mug of me wrapping the finished gift packs
This was the toughest bit for me, physically speaking.

Hubby took this photo of me at about 12:15am. This was by far the toughest part of the night, as I had to sit on the floor for about an hour to put the finishing touches to the gift packs. I was sitting on a low foot stool to help keep my back straight–but with my 4-month-old baby bump it was still a real challenge to stay comfortable in that position! But I really was happy at work, so that kept the cursing at bay. :p The floor work included cutting up the huge swathes of white netting to wrap the pots in, arranging them nicely on the floor, then finishing off the pots with little red ribbons to neaten the tops of each gift pack.

And that was my first experience doing a large gift pack order at such short notice! I had a tremendous amount of fun in the process, but to be honest after that experience, I am even more conscious about listening to my body’s rest signals especially now that I’m pregnant. :p On Saturday I was still on a high from completing the job, but come Sunday I zombied through most of my hours spent with the kids.

However, all things considered, a little madness like this is what makes life SO enjoyable! What do You do to keep you excited about your life?

3 thoughts on “One Late Night’s Work

  1. hi…really appreciate your effort in helping others to have a beautiful and healthy skin. Keep it up, lady! Btw if i may ask you, do u use vacum sealer to pack your soap? i understand vacum sealer are costly.

    1. Hi Nobia, thanks for the encouragement! Yes vacuum sealers are costly (though I couldn’t tell you how much they are, exactly) so only the soaps that come from my supplier’s factory are shrink-wrapped. Otherwise the ones I make at home are now housed in adorable cotton muslin drawstring bags.

  2. Same here, I can only get real work done when they’re asleep! But during festive seasons when we sometimes work around the clock..then that’s a different story. I’ve been through a few festive seasons while being pregnant. In 2007 I gave birth to Armand 8 days early with my house full of unfinished gift baskets..luckily I could rely on adhoc staff..but I still had hubby & sister bring paperwork to the hospital (still have to call suppliers, talk to clients..). *pengsan*
    You take it easy, I only had energy to do all these mid of 2nd trimester onwards 🙂

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