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Now Curing: Lavender and Sweet Orange Soap

Lavender and Sweet Orange Soap
After weeks of not being able to make any soap, this lovely new batch is now sitting on my drying racks to cure, waiting to make your bath time that extra little bit special!

This is a new blend of essential oils that I’m trying out — lavender and sweet orange. The scent is surprisingly bright and cheery, which is a nice twist to my usual Just Lavender bar. It is still suitable for all skin types (yay!). Continue reading Now Curing: Lavender and Sweet Orange Soap

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Practising “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Ever since our new servant arrived (I’m so thankful for her lending her energy to keeping this household clean!) I’ve been actively weeding out a lot of old junk from our shelves and cupboards in the apartment. Looking at the (shameful) piles of unused toys, clothing, books etc. got me thinking about how my family is currently practising the 3R’s — Reduce, Reuse, Recyle — and how we can do more. We’re not just talking about a once-off spring cleaning exercise, but as a sustained part of our lifestyle.

So in this blogpost I’d like to share with you some of the things that we do in our household in an effort to lessen our contribution to landfills, and also our impact on Nature itself. What’s important was determining what worked for us realistically, given that we live in an apartment in the city, and the lifestyle that we currently have. Some ideas here could work for you too. Or perhaps you can chime in with your own experiences with making the 3R’s a part of your life — I’d love to hear your stories! Continue reading Practising “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Sorry for going MIA from the blog for quite a while. The household has been very busy (as has been everyone else) with Chinese New year preparations and me trying to keep up with the children! :p It’s been fun — our new servant from Cambodia arrived about 2 weeks ago and she’s settling in well. Her English is pretty rudimentary, so it’s like teaching another child in the household how to speak the language. I think she’s doing admirably well.

I took a short break from making soap but it looks like it’s time to restock again. My DreamTime bars are almost all gone now! Thank you to all who placed orders over the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s period, and a very warm hello to new customers who made their first purchases from us recently.

Ah, here’s the thing that I’d like to announce — The Kinder Soap Company’s 100% Money Back Guarantee. I’m so confident that my soaps will benefit your skin in some way or other, that I’m willing to offer a full refund on any purchase that you are not satisfied with, for whatever reason (except for them turning up a little worse for wear after going through the postal service, sorry :p). You needn’t send the soap back to me. Just write in to me at michelle(at)kindersoaps(dot)com and I’ll make arrangements for a refund right away (including shipping costs, if applicable).

Now how’s that for quality assurance and peace of mind? And as an internet shopper, would you feel more at ease with this kind of guarantee being offered to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.