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Clarity Soap Now Available!

Heads up! Do you have:

  • oily skin that doesn’t ever feel tight, or is always flaring up with acne or pimples?
  • bacne (acne on your back)?
  • a runny or bunged-up nose from a cold or flu?
  • a head that feels like it’s stuffed with cobwebs, making you feel sluggish and your thoughts unable to flow?

Well then, this soap just might be able to help you get over those symptoms (albeit perhaps only temporarily). Clarity was formulated to include the sharp, mentholated scent of eucalyptus essential oil, along with the purifying properties of french green clay and activated carbon. All of them work together for the purpose of decongesting — be it your skin, your nose, or your mental state.

Sounds like it could be something for you? Read on here, and maybe even give it a go for yourself!

6 thoughts on “Clarity Soap Now Available!

  1. OK I’ll be back for this one once I finish up my soaps! I bought a few handmade soaps over the last few months and am still using them…

    1. Thanks Huey! Can take your time, I’m definitely going to continue churning out fresh batches and new varieties. Enjoy your current stash of soap! 🙂

  2. wow, i love this soaps. Its beautiful.

    1. Thanks Linh 🙂 Looking forward to your next creations too.

  3. Oh! Some more soaps? You are making them yourself now? Not sourcing out anymore?

    1. Some I still have to outsource for efficiency’s sake (it’s more cost and time effective). But otherwise I’d rather be able to make them at home, especially the ones that have visual interest (swirls, layers etc) and more exotic essential oil blends.

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