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Slowing Down A Little

After a 3-hour wait at the gynae yesterday (yes, that is the average waiting time with my doctor), we know we have a baby who’s growing at a normal rate, and is in good health. At 28.5 weeks, he’s estimated to weigh in at about 1.4kg and is a very active little bundle indeed. 🙂

On the downside, the additional weight I’m bearing overall seems to be putting even more pressure on the sciatic nerve running down my right pelvis. It means that everytime I start moving after remaining stationery, whether standing, sitting or lying down, there’s a chance my right leg might just give way from under me with no warning whatsoever. I used to be able to catch myself just in time to prevent an outright fall, but these few days I have actually just crumpled into a heap on the floor or crashed into doorframes. 🙁 The pain in my hip itself is fleeting, thank goodness, but the falls it can cause is much more of a concern.

So I’m really glad that I could push out those last few batches of soap when I did. My body’s telling me it needs a break from all the standing around, hovering over the soap pot and bending over molds and cutting soap up. :”> In the meantime I shall still be busy handling customer orders, formulating new soap recipes, reading and researching, and getting my accounting books in order.

And reserving whatever physical strength I have to hug, kiss, cuddle and carry my two darlings.

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