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Making Hampers Makes Me Happy!

My gift baskets are never really fancy, but I still thoroughly enjoy doing them up to present them to my customers or their intended recipients. Here are some shots of my latest send-off for a customer who ordered the 12 Soaps For The Year package to be delivered all at one go:

As this was a long-term supply of soap, I decided to shrink wrap each bar to preserve their freshness. I know it isn’t exactly environmentally friendly 🙁 but it would be even worse to let any bar of soap go funny over the next few months! There’s a kind of biodegradable shrink film called polyolefin that claims to completely break down and ‘disappear’ in just 3 years, but I haven’t been able to source that just yet.

3 thoughts on “Making Hampers Makes Me Happy!

  1. There are couple of sources that I usually buy from. Over a dozen of them are all locally based in Aussie but some not in Sydney. The manufacturers do sell them online here. I found 2 stores carry them, one in the bookshop at the stationary section and the other one at an art and craft store.

    Cello comes in flat bag, or gusseted bag or one big roll.

  2. Is Polyolefin the scientific name? What is the normal or commercial name?

    I use cellophane wrap. It is biodegradable and recycleable. It is the most expensive and the alternative is polypropylene wrap.

    1. Polyolefin is the scientific name, yes. I found this brand online called Bolphane® BYO, created by Bollore being sold at this website, but I’ll have to keep hunting for a local distributor or maker.

      Where do you get your cellophane wrap from? Maybe I’m not looking in the right places.

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