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Things That Can Go Wrong While Making Soap

Darn it, photos would have been brilliant to illustrate what I am about to describe, but I was too  busy a) panicking, then b) setting things right. I spent the afternoon making Goats Milk and Honey soap, and here are the mishaps that transpired along the way to finally setting the soap in their molds to harden (with a HUGE sigh of relief!).

Accident 1: Knocking Over a Jug of Oil / Milk Powder Mixture

I had set aside a portion of my mixed oils to be blended with goats milk powder in my latest batch of soap. At that point I was also starting to feel hungry and a growing craving for something sweet — my hands were actually shaking! Eager to get through my session a little quicker than usual, I tried to speed things up a little. That’s when I turned and knocked over the jug, creating an oily, powdery puddle on one end of my kitchen worktop.

Thank god for my servant being on-hand to help clear up the mess in a snap! But I did have to guesstimate the amount of oil and milk powder to put back into the mixture, which was a little harrowing… Anyway, the jury’s out till tomorrow evening when I cut and test the soap.

Anyway, I sat down to a plateful of Nutella sandwiches right after I was done cleaning up. Feeling much less agitated now.

Moral of the story: EAT FIRST. Work can wait.

Accident 2: Miscalculating the Total Amount of Oil for a Batch

…and ending up with soap that’s almost overflowing out the top of the molds! It’ll be a great bargain for whoever buys the stuff though, since the bars will be heavier than usual. (Hint hint 😉 )

Moral of the story: It’s safer to underestimate the amount of materials required for a batch, and work in quantity changes by smaller increments.

Accident 3: Pouring Honey First BEFORE Adding Soap Mixture

I really should have known better than to do this! Unfortunately my soap mixture was already quite well-traced, which made mixing in the honey a lot more tricky than usual. I fixed it by plunging a rubber spatula right to the bottom of the jug of soap mixture to pull out the honey, then manually work it into the mix.

Moral of the story: Honey on top, and work at light trace.

So there you have it. Three things that you can avoid the next time you attempt a batch of soap.

Now please excuse me while I rest my achy hip and sore feet in time for dinner preparations…

4 thoughts on “Things That Can Go Wrong While Making Soap

  1. Michelle, lovely mishap stories..I always learn from others! LOL Oh by the way, I agree, Nutella Sandwiches first then soaping second. LOL

    1. Hey Melissa, thanks for stopping by! I’m one of those who tends to learn a LOT faster by making my own mistakes. :p Been making soap lately?

  2. Ouch! These little things always happen, don’t they? Sometimes I was so hangat-hangat wanna sew something and poof! some funny things happen and gone were my hangat-ness. LOL!

    1. Huey: Yeah, it’s so deflating when you see your handiwork turning out all wrong or completely different from what you envisioned it to be, isn’t it? I was about to throw in the towel and give up on this batch, but thinking of just how much work and materials that would go to waste got me to stick it out and finish what I started!

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