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Baby Reuben Has Arrived!

Our baby boy made his way into the big, wide world at 6am, Thursday May 27th, weighing in at 3.15kg. We’re both very well, and my hubby is doing a fantastic job taking care of Brandon and Andrea while I spend my confinement month at my in-laws’.

So Kinder Soaps will be ‘closing shop’ until June 25th–I won’t be able to ship out any orders since I’m away from my work area (and I’m meant to be resting up anyway). But you can still browse the shop, place your orders in advance or get hold of me via e-mail, which I will respond to as quickly as I possibly can.

In the meantime, I may be blogging occasionally from my personal website, and you can read about Reuben’s arrival here.

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Red Cabbage Dye

Red cabbage

I chopped up a few red cabbage leaves and boiled them for about an hour in all, to be left with about 30ml of a deep purple liquid. Purpose: to experiment and see if it will indeed turn into a shade of blue when added to my soap mixture.

I’ve read a few websites where people have tried it out and it worked. Like this blog where a mom dyed eggs using red cabbage and they turned out blue; or this other blog where someone made a Rainbow Bento using various vegetable dyes, including red cabbage for a nice shade. The bento does look really pretty:

Rainbow Bento

But by far the most interesting to me was finding this page, where it gave a rough explanation about red cabbage dye being used as a natural pH indicator in labs. Here’s the photo that caught my attention:

Red Cabbage dye under various pH conditions

Is that cool or what? Now, seeing that soap is basic, when I add it to my soap mixture at trace, it could turn blue (pH8), green (pH9) or yellow. Yellow is most likely at this stage since saponification may not be complete. But will its colour change when the pH drops to the 8-10 range after the soap has hardened after 24 hours?

EeeEEE I CANNOT WAIT to try this out and take some photos!

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Oops, The Shopping Cart Might Be Wonky

I just had a customer yesterday who tried buying some soap using this website’s Shopping Cart feature, only to get stuck when she wanted to checkout. Audrey, my sincerest apologies–thank you for getting in touch with me via e-mail to sort out your order. What puzzles me is that there was another customer before you whose transaction went through without a hitch.

So while my hubby and I try to figure out why our e-commerce plugin is acting funny, if ever you encounter a problem with the shopping cart (or anywhere else on the site, for that matter), please shoot me a quick e-mail at michelle(at)kindersoaps(dot)com to let me know where the glitch is. If your soap order doesn’t go all the way through till completion, do what Audrey did and drop me an e-mail as well, and we’ll sort you out in a jiffy.

Of course, this is only possible before baby #3’s arrival. After which, expect my other half to pretty much ban me from doing anything else apart from resting up for a month, and getting to know our new addition to the family.

Ee, the thought still gives me the jitters. I’m excited and a little nervous, even though this is our third child. Guess you’ll never truly be ‘prepared’ as a parent.

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Music Monday – Here I Am

Bryan Adams’ “Here I Am”.

We’ve had a great weekend with the family, and carving out some time to have conversations that don’t revolve around family with my hubby is always something really precious–especially since we have 2 toddlers who require so much personal attention.

Listening to this takes me back to the months leading up to our wedding, where hubby and I were painstakingly putting together our photo montage to be presented at the wedding dinner. It evokes so many emotions–of hope, freedom, promise, elation. It was a blissful period. We chose this as the backing track for the video.

Happy Monday!

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Anytime Now…

Well, it looks like baby #3 is all set to join us at any time. Although his expected due date is on June 13th, the contractions I’ve been experiencing (even with the prescribed medication) have been intensifying gradually. Last night found me rolling all over my side of the bed, unable to sleep for the slight discomfort.

If you’d like to have more regular updates from me, you can follow my Tweets, or visit my personal blog:

I miss making soap. Unfortunately when I feel like a whale trying to walk on land it’s not the most practical of endeavours for the time being, so I’ll be hanging around on the Web most days. Feel free to drop me an e-mail or a message on Twitter. I’ll be around. 🙂

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Music Monday – Ants Marching

Right now I can’t think of a better way to bump yourself out of bed, or get cracking at a brand new week than to listen to this track from Dave Matthews Band, “Ants Marching”. My brother was the one who first introduced their music to me, as he was completely enamoured with the band’s excellent musicianship and writing skills. Certainly gets my feet tapping EVERYtime!

Happy Monday y’all!

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Experimenting – Skin Salves

It has long been an interest of mine to create a line of skin salves or balms to address various skin concerns, particularly:

  • an anti-mosquito blend. I’ve had enough of seeing my poor Andrea come home from playschool or my in-laws’ dotted with angry, itchy mosquito bites!
  • to soothe eczema flare-ups. My soap can help soothe skin over the long term by reducing irritation caused by harsh detergents and other external factors, but sometimes a more intensive treatment that is left in the skin may be required.
  • to calm down and heal skin that’s itchy and inflamed from bug bites, diaper rash, minor cuts and nicks.

Continue reading Experimenting – Skin Salves

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The Story Of Stuff

Ever wondered what the whole picture is when it comes to making the handphone that you’re putting to your ear? The car that you drive? The groceries that you pick up from your local supermarket? The clothes you’re wearing right now?

Here’s a very entertaining and informative video that will give you the low-down of the actual cost and processes of making the stuff that we consume every day. Personally I feel that it drives home an important message about being aware of how much our society is trapped in Consumerism, and that we have every right and every ability to shrug it off and make decisions that are better for our environment and our future generations.

Enjoy the video. Feel free to share your thoughts on what YOU can do to take a step away from being caught up in this ‘linear system’!