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Music Monday – If You’re Not The One

Okay now here’s the story. This song has already been on my loop-till-forever list for years. The latest development was that Daniel Bedingfield’s first album, Gotta Get Thru This, got stuck in our car’s CD player. Brandon, my 3-year-old, has been hooked on it since–before we even leave our apartment to go somewhere in the car, he tells us that he wants to listen to this CD. Again. For the umpteenth time over.

And while I don’t have recorded evidence (yet) of it, I’m very proud to say that he can sing the chorus really well, high notes and all. The first time he did that was maybe about 2 weeks back and I was taken completely by surprise. I could have slid off my seat and rolled right onto the tarmac–I was reduced to a puddle of sappy, happy goo.

Happy Monday everyone. 🙂

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