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We’ve Been Busy

Reuben knocked out
Reuben knocked out

I think this photo sums up how I feel on most days (in a good way). In fact, I’m beginning to feel that the word “busy” is way overused and I’ll need to find some other way to describe the state of my day-to-day activities. :p

(In case you’re curious, here are some words you can use instead of “busy”.)

Reuben’s a bit under the weather, soldiering rather cheerfully through a cold. He still can settle himself to sleep without much help from me, just a piece of cloth with a dash of eucalyptus essential oil placed by his pillow to help clear up his nasal passages enough to let him breathe a little easier. Poor darling. I’m managing the brood on my own this weekend as my hubby is away in Langkawi for his company’s annual retreat. They’re living it up at the Andaman (but I hear that they haven’t kept the place as well as they should have for a 5-star establishment).

As for myself, I’ve been working in as much soaping time as I can while all three children are fast asleep, and have finally replenished all my soap varieties (phew!). They’re now curing. This coming week, Tangy Lavender and Summer Fizz will be ready to ship–and while they look a tad different from the current product photos, they still have the same lovely scents that you have come to know and enjoy. I’ll be working on new photographs soon and will put them up as quick as I can.

This photo of my curing rack was taken just last week. Today there is another rack identical to this (they’re both from IKEA, RM69 each) next to it (we removed the towel rail you see to the left of this rack), and they’re both chock full of soap! Haven’t had time to photograph the new setup, but what’s even more amazing is the whole cocktail of scents floating about in my office these days.

Alas, it will take more than heavenly or invigorating scents to keep me going at all that needs to be done. There’s just no substitute for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

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