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Stocking Up

Okay, I’ve got a happy problem–the only soap I have that’s ready for sale is Goats Milk and Patchouli. Everything else, believe it or not, has been sold out, and new batches are out on the curing racks right now:

Soap on curing rack
Soap on curing rack

These will be ready in the final week of August. And I’m not through with this round of production yet! There are still more to come. I’m trying my bestest to keep up with production, scheduling a batch every 2-3 days. It’s hectic but there’s no denying I’m enjoying the challenge. 🙂 With the new wholesale orders (and lovely new customers, hello there!) coming in, I’m making adjustments to my estimations of what to make, how much and when.

So I do apologise if you were thinking of getting soap this week–could you hold out for another week or two? All I have at the moment are the 30g sample-sized soaps for the Sampler Pack of 3. If you’d like to go ahead and place your order, please do–I’ll reserve your soap for you and will advise on the earliest date I can have them delivered to you.

At the root of all this excitement and activity is the fact that you have played a tremendous role in supporting what I do. Thank you for your affinity towards my all-natural soap, and you can be sure that I’ll always have the best of interest at heart for your skin’s wellbeing. I’m grateful and humbled.

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