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It’s amazing how things can change drastically in the course of a couple of months. Thankfully in my case, they’ve all been very, very good changes.

Six months back I was heavily pregnant with Reuben, still pottering about the kitchen making soap. I’d be cooking meals over the stove while occasionally yelling across the dining area to make sure that Brandon and Andrea were playing nice with each other.

Today I have a bubbly, bouncy Reuben whose current favourite activity is sucking at his fists, and he loves to chat. I have a handful of wholesale accounts. We have a fantastic Cambodian servant who’s great at taking care of the household chores and keeping the kids entertained (though I still have to yell across the dining area sometimes :p ). Hubby is happier than ever with work prospects.

And did I mention that Kinder Soaps now has AN OFFICE SPACE? \:D/

This shows the main front portion of the office. As you can see, it’s fully carpeted and has some really nice track spotlights overhead. Airconditioned. Those curtains waaay at the back are proper black-out ones–draw them shut and the whole space is plunged into darkness.

That’s a partition that separates the main area above from the kitchen and storage area at the back.

Fantastic built-in cupboards! With locks! I think I’ll be putting my essential oils here. The bottles are rather tall so these shelves are ideal to access them easily.

Darn it, I want to post some more but Andrea’s starting to cry in the living room–probably fighting over a toy with Brandon. >.< Will write more when I can.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Wow! That’s fantastic! So happy for u!

  2. i’m so excited for you and along with you too!

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