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Music Monday – Crocodile Rock

Hi there! It’s Monday once again, and how is your week looking up for you? Sorry about being so quiet around here for so long, so many things got in the way of me sitting down and blogging properly.

Today’s track is Elton John’s Crocodile Rock, which my family used to listen to on countless road trips up and down the country when we were little children. And this video is (for me at least) a real treat–just LOOK at those SHOES and unbelievably shiny garb he’s wearing! Nice. 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!

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What’s In Stock, and Something’s Afoot for Christmas

Hi everyone, just thought I’d do a quick list of what’s available in the shop right now:

  • Breakfast Bar
  • Clarity (but it’s just one bar left before you have to wait for the next batch that’s ready on Nov 11th)
  • DreamTime
  • Goats Milk and Honey
  • Goats Milk and Patchouli (current best-seller that keeps going out of stock :p )
  • Summer Fizz
  • Tangy Lavender

And there’ll be something really special coming up for Christmas. Want first dips in getting news of this limited edition seasonal soap? Sign up for my newsletter on the left, or click here.

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Thoughts In A Flash

It’s always a good idea to be nimble. In business this means you are attuned to a wealth of opportunities and very importantly, alternatives, to what you already know.

Always be grateful.

Always be polite, no matter who it is you meet. What goes around comes around.

When it rains, it rains on everyone. Best course of action would be to enjoy the shower while it lasts. 😉

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Today’s Pick-Me-Up

It’s not a new soap variety, but rather an e-mail that came from a new customer that completely made my day. Here’s an excerpt:

“Husband ran out of his usual Protex soap so he curiously used the only other soap in the bathroom – my DreamTime. (My husband) is a pretty manly man – he came out of a spa hating it because it makes him smell like a girl. But he loves Dreamtime, said it reminds him of the soaps from Russia he used in his childhood. I used it mainly as a convenient cleanser for my face in between waking up and bed time. The difference is amazing. Love the smooth texture of my skin and my face feels moisturized without being oily.” -Shaza Hakim, Partner and Creative Lead, Stampede Design, 7 October 2010

I reckon this is the most flattering feedback I’ve received about DreamTime so far. Thanks for sharing your feedback, Shaza. Much appreciated.

You can read testimonials from other customers here. Feel free to stroke my ego. ;;)

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Note To Self

When working with large amounts of lye, lots of time can be saved if you made the lye solution in a stainless steel container of some kind, and NOT in an IKEA mixing bowl that just happens to be rather well-insulated.

Then you won’t have to wait around on your bum for 30 minutes just to wait for it to cool down properly. #-o

Time to visit a kitchen supply shop.