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Today’s Pick-Me-Up

It’s not a new soap variety, but rather an e-mail that came from a new customer that completely made my day. Here’s an excerpt:

“Husband ran out of his usual Protex soap so he curiously used the only other soap in the bathroom – my DreamTime. (My husband) is a pretty manly man – he came out of a spa hating it because it makes him smell like a girl. But he loves Dreamtime, said it reminds him of the soaps from Russia he used in his childhood. I used it mainly as a convenient cleanser for my face in between waking up and bed time. The difference is amazing. Love the smooth texture of my skin and my face feels moisturized without being oily.” -Shaza Hakim, Partner and Creative Lead, Stampede Design, 7 October 2010

I reckon this is the most flattering feedback I’ve received about DreamTime so far. Thanks for sharing your feedback, Shaza. Much appreciated.

You can read testimonials from other customers here. Feel free to stroke my ego. ;;)

1 thought on “Today’s Pick-Me-Up

  1. Great mantra, wonderful all-natural products, personalised customer care. Like I said, imma Kindersoap-addict-in-the-making! :)

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