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Season’s Greetings

Stack of gift boxes for a custom order

Hi everyone, it’s been really busy in the Kinder Soaps / Ngeow household these past couple of weeks. I haven’t been spending very much time on the Internet amidst all the activity with the family (hubby took a whole 2 weeks off from work, YAY! :D) so I must apologise for the lack of communication with you. Can’t say that I didn’t enjoy not being wired to the net though.

My stocks are pretty much wiped out as you can see from the number of items that aren’t available for sale. :”> I’m doing all I can to make sure that most of my soap will be ready by the third week of January. Thanks for your patience and understanding… Hopefully I’ll be able to get my head around soaping schedules in 2011!

Speaking of which, my family and I would like to wish each and every one of you a blessed new year ahead. May it be filled with all things joyous and enriching for you and your loved ones.

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Where To Get Melt And Pour Soap Base In Petaling Jaya

A couple of weeks ago someone called me up to ask where to find melt and pour soap bases to use for giftmaking.

To that person, whom I promised to e-mail back with the contact, I’m SO SORRY–I can’t remember your name, and so I’ve also lost track of your e-mail that you sent me. 🙁

So I hope you’re reading this blogpost, because I wanted to tell you to visit They’re a little treasure trove of all kinds of skincare ingredients, including a transparent melt and pour soap base for you to get started on soapmaking with. I cannot personally endorse the soap base though, as I have never used this product (and I haven’t made my soap with a pre-made base before, not even when I first started out soapmaking).

Do remember however, that alcohol is used to achieve the transparency in melt and pour soap bases. If you’re concerned about the ingredients that go into your soap, ask the supplier for a full list of ingredients of the product first before you purchase it.

Hope this helps you all. If there’s anyone else out there who’d like to share where to buy soapmaking ingredients from, leave your comment below. Thanks in advance!

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Oh Boy, December’s Here!

Reuben in crib

How time flies! Right, I better quickly pen down whatever I need to while the kids are all asleep, I have so much to tell you. 🙂

Our darling Reuben is now a chatty, chirpy 6-month-old. He’s still fully on breast milk but I want to introduce simple, soft solids like bananas and porridge on a daily basis. No longer content to just sit and observe while being carried, he’s like a little octopus, clutching on tight to whatever he possibly can. More often than not, it’s a fistful of my hair.

On the soapy side of things, my office is suddenly filled with gadgets–rather large ones, at that. All geared towards helping me concentrate fully on creating, rather than cleaning up and slaving over packaging!

My aunt and uncle gifted me with a chamber shrink wrapping machine (thank you Yee Cheong and Peng Yee!) that enables me to shrink-wrap a bar of soap every 4 seconds. It’s a wonderful time-saver! I also opted for biodegradable polyolefin shrink wrapping material which is helping me deal with the guilt of having to use plastic to protect my soap. :”>

Apart from kitting out the office with production-line stuff (the shrink wrapping machine, thermostat-controlled oil warmers, log and bar slicers), I’ve been blessed with a couple of potential wholesale customers. I’ve sent them their quotations, said my prayers and am now awaiting their responses. I’ve promised myself to be happy and satisfied regardless of the outcomes.

Hubby and I have been busy with setting up this new website design in these past couple of weeks. It’s an off-the-shelf template that we decided to buy, after Han looked it over and was more or less satisfied with its functionality.

Right now I feel like I’m welcoming you into a store that has all the stuff on the shelves, and we can still have a chat and you buy my soap–but there will be the occasional curtain that has fallen off a hook, paint peeling from the walls, or a signboard that reads funny. And hubby and I will patch these up whenever we can find the time. I hope you don’t find it too much of a bother. :”>

Aw, dang… the neighbour started hammering a nail in the wall and it woke Reuben. Gotta sayang him now. Till next time, take care!

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New Website Design For Kinder Soaps

Well, what do you think? 🙂 I hope it’s fairly easy to navigate and place your orders. Hubby and I are still working out the little kinks that pop up here and there, so it would be great if you could either leave comments here or e-mail me about things that are broken or could use improvement.

And as a little marker to celebrate our new website’s wobbly start, I’m having the first ever “Ugly Duckling Sale” on our Tangy Lavender soap. As some of you who follow me on Twitter may know, I had one of my first large batches of Tangy Lavender stubbornly stuck in a block mold that I was trying out–without using a liner. A hard lesson learned!

Anyway, we did finally manage to cut them out of the mold but not without some casualties. They’re still perfectly fine on the skin, but some came out of the mold looking a little worse for wear. So I’ve decided to let them go to new homes at a special price of just RM15 a bar instead of the usual RM18.

Wanna stock up on your favourite soap at a great price? Go get ’em!

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Soap Sampler


How about getting yourself a little package that gives you 3 times the fun of buying just one bar of soap?

In this sampler pack you’ll receive your choice of 3 bars of soap, each weighing over 30g. Find out which scent and feel you like! They’ll arrive carefully packaged in zip-lock bags to preserve their scents and freshness.

Once you purchase this pack, tell me which samples you’d like in the “Other Comments” box while in the process of Checking Out your order. You can choose from any of the soaps we currently have in stock.

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Christmas Warmth

-LIMITED EDITION, Available from November 16th 2011-

I took my cue for the choice of essential oils to include in this soap from traditional mulled wine recipes. Let the scents of clove, cinnamon, ginger, sweet orange, nutmeg and just a tiny hint of peppermint waft invitingly through your home this festive season, and allow your skin to be pampered with moisturizing properties of jojoba, macadamia nut and camellia oils.

Just the thing for Christmas. 🙂

Characteristics and Usage

Use on: Face, body, hair.

Scent: It’s rich and sweet–you’ll be enveloped in its scent while in the shower, but the scent won’t linger too long on your skin after that.

Lather: Rich and creamy when used directly on hair or bath puff/sponge. Lathers up quite nicely in the palm of your hand too.

Ingredients: Palm oil, canola oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, water, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, camellia oil, macadamia nut oil, essential oils (sweet orange, clove leaf, cinnamon leaf, ginger, nutmeg, peppermint), french red clay, titanium dioxide.

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Tangy Lavender

Tangy Lavender

My happiest-smelling soap to date!

There is no doubt that the bright, sunny scent of sweet orange gifts spirits a gentle lift when inhaled — but did you know that it is also said to support collagen formation in the skin? I haven’t used this soap long enough for me to stake this claim for myself, but I would be most interested to hear of your experience should you decide to try this bar. Does your skin firm up, yet still feel comfortably moisturized?

Hope you’re curious enough to give it a go. 😉

Characteristics and Usage

Use on: Face, body, hair. If you have particularly oily or congested skin on your face you might want to avoid using it for cleansing your face — the cocoa butter content may be a little too rich for you, sorry. But if you’re willing to experiment, do go ahead! 🙂

Scent: The sweet orange scent comes across right away as soon as you lather up, followed by the mellower lavender. The scent does not linger long on the skin — just enough to leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

Lather: Rich and creamy when used directly on hair or bath puff/sponge. Lathers up quite nicely in the palm of your hand too.

Ingredients: Palm oil, canola oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils (lavender, sweet orange), french red clay, french yellow clay, rosemary oleoresin.

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Summer Fizz

This humble bar of soap serves as a pick-me-up in so many ways!

What you’ll notice right away is the fun, fizzy scent of the soap–I didn’t quite expect it to remind me of lemonade, but it does! Rest assured that all the ingredients used were completely natural though. 🙂 It’s a blend of sweet orange, rosemary and peppermint essential oils that serve to beat back depression and encourage mental clarity.

This combination is also fantastic for your skin and hair. Rosemary essential oil is a popular ingredient in haircare products as it is reputed to increase circulation to the scalp, thereby promoting healthy hair and stimulating its growth. It is also used to treat acne, dermatitis and eczema. Peppermint and sweet orange essential oils treat the same skin conditions as well as to reduce inflammation and itchiness.


Just wanted you to know that my hubby used Summer Fizz for the first time today and he enjoyed your soap! It lathers really well and smells heavenly – and best of all, his skin isn’t dry after! – Amy Ng by email (30 October 2011)

Characteristics and Usage

Use on: Face, body, hair.

Scent: Reminiscent of fizzy lemonades. Really good fun.

Lather: Rich and creamy when used directly on hair or bath puff/sponge. Lathers up quite nicely in the palm of your hand too.

Ingredients: Palm oil, canola oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils (rosemary, sweet orange, peppermint), french red clay, french yellow clay, rosemary oleoresin.

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Spiced Coffee

Spiced Coffee

Does your soul feel like you need to step out of your old skin to reveal a fresh new you?

This bar of soap is laden with ground coffee beans for a light scrub in the shower. The combination of ginger, lemongrass and lime essential oils serve not only to lift your spirits out of the doldrums or sluggishness, but also to impart warmth to tired muscles and calm redness on the skin. These three scents are common in asian households – we use them a lot in our cooking because of the wonderful flavours they impart, and also for the many therapeutic, tonifying effects they have for our digestive and immune systems.

I also added fresh yoghurt to the blend to help soften and nourish skin further.

Characteristics and Usage

Use on: body. Might be a little harsh to scrub your face with this, and you certainly wouldn’t like having stray coffee grounds lurking in your luscious locks!

Scent: Ginger’s scent comes through the strongest, but as you continue lathering up in the shower you’ll find the lemongrass and lime gradually making their appearances.

Lather: Rich and creamy when used directly on hair or bath puff/sponge. Lathers up quite nicely in the palm of your hand too.

Ingredients: Palm oil, canola oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, water, sodium hydroxide, fresh yoghurt, essential oils (ginger, lemongrass, lime), ground coffee, rosemary oleoresin