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Dry Skin Relief Oil

Dry Skin Relief Skin Treats Oil for Natural Moisturization

(I’ve put these last few bottles up for sale because they are nearing the end of their official shelf lives – 13 July 2012. They’re still fine to use for at least half a year as I was being conservative with their expiry dates, but I would like to clear the way for a fresh batch of Dry Skin Relief oil. 🙂 )

If you feel that your skin could use some added comforting from dryness, try my Dry Skin Relief oil. Its simple list of ingredients include jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, plus essential oils of frankincense, sweet orange and benzoin resinoid, all of which work together to protect, moisturize and hopefully over time, rehabilitate dry or dehydrated skin.

Is it greasy?

As long as you use as much as your skin can absorb, it isn’t. I made sure that this oil blend is light and should be very easily absorbed into your skin. All that should be left is a delightful, vanilla-like scent and lovingly comforted skin.

How to use:

Shake the bottle well (benzoin resinoid is technically not an oil, and you may notice it as residue at the bottom of your bottle). Warm up a small amount of oil in the palm of your hands before massaging it into areas that need attention, e.g. hands, elbows, shins. Can be used on the face as well.

Note: As a precautionary measure, I would advise you not to immediately expose yourself to direct sunlight after applying this oil. Sweet orange oil is phototoxic, meaning it could irritate or damage your skin if exposed to sunlight right away. It would be best to use this oil at night before bed, or allow for at least an hour before going outdoors after applying this oil. So far I have not encountered any adverse effects myself (and the percentage of essential oil I used in this blend is at a safe level), but do bear this in mind anyway.

How about trying it out as a nightly facial cleanser?

Apply a more generous amount in gentle, circular motions on your face. Take your time–the warmth from your hands will encourage the oils to be absorbed into your skin. Jojoba oil effectively dissolves dirt and grease (it’s my favourite ingredient for this purpose!), lifting them away from the pores of your skin. Finish by washing off the oil using a little soapy water and rinsing off thoroughly. You may not need to use a moisturizer after this–just be attentive to how your skin feels!

Storage Instructions

Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use within 1 year of purchase.


This is not a medical product. Always perform a skin patch test, and discontinue use of the product if you notice any adverse reactions. And as mentioned, do not immediately get exposed to sunlight after applying the oil.

Ingredients List

Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, camellia oil (certified organic), apricot kernel oil, essential oils of sweet orange, frankincense and benzoin resinoid, rosemary oleoresin.

5 thoughts on “Dry Skin Relief Oil

  1. Hey Emily, thanks so much for the fantastic review! Really glad that your skin feels great after using it.

  2. I used to slather on baby oil but hated that oily stickiness that felt heavy on my skin but I am in love with this relief oil! It goes on lightly on my skin at first. After a few rubs, it felt as though a thin layer of moisturising barrier is formed. And that’s what I’m looking for – a lightweight film of protection on my very sensitive skin. Skin feels unbelievably smooth after a few hours.

    Thanks Michelle, this product is godsent! :)

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