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Eczema Support Oil

100ml Eczema Support Oil

Are you looking for an all-natural moisturizer for your eczema-prone skin? This simple formulation of indonesian patchouli and lavender essential oils, blended with jojoba and sweet almond oils, could possibly provide you with some relief. My aim for this oil is to comfort, hydrate and hopefully rehabilitate your skin’s condition in the long run. 

Is it greasy?

As long as you use as much as your skin can absorb, it isn’t. I made sure that this oil blend is light and should sink easily into your skin. All that should be left is the lovely scent of the essential oils.

How to use:

Shake the bottle well. Warm up a small amount of oil in the palm of your hands before massaging it into areas that need attention, e.g. sore eczema patches, or areas of skin that are dry. Can be used on the face as well.

How about trying it out as a nightly facial cleanser?

Apply a more generous amount in gentle, circular motions on your face. Take your time–the warmth from your hands will encourage the oils to be absorbed into your skin. Jojoba oil effectively dissolves dirt and grease (it’s my favourite ingredient for this purpose!), lifting them away from the pores of your skin. Finish by washing off the oil using a little soapy water and rinsing off thoroughly. You may not need to use a moisturizer after this–just be attentive to how your skin feels!

Storage Instructions

Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (a drawer in your dresser would be ideal). Use within 1 year of purchase.


This is not a medical product. Always perform a skin patch test, and discontinue use of the product if you notice any adverse reactions.

Ingredients List

Jojoba oil, camellia oil (certified organic), sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, essential oils of lavender and patchouli, rosemary oleoresin.

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Delivery Station


Some packages awaiting delivery on Monday. They normally go on top of my piano that’s right by the entrance to our apartment. One of the ways I try to make sure I remember to grab everything before I fly out the door with the children.

Packaging is something I really enjoy doing. It’s therapeutic and fun. It’s the perfect reason to buy pretty stickers, spend a few precious hours browsing through the aisles of Czip Lee or Art Friend, and of course, Etsy, to get inspired (ahem).

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Meet Me And My Friends At The Crafty Art Market!

Crafty Art Market 2Head on down to Jaya One this Saturday, 19 February 2011, to indulge your senses for a few hours in handmade craft heaven. This time I’m not bringing Reuben along and so will be able to hold a decent, grown-up conversation with you if you come by! :p Try my new Skin Treats for yourself, and of course, my soap will all be there for you to get to see, touch, smell and savour.

And if you find me missing from my stall, it’s because I’ll probably be ogling at my friends’ creations. We’ll be dotted along the road and paths outside The Bee. Read this post on Etsy Malaysia’s blog for an idea of what other delightful things you’ll find at the market. Yell for me and I’ll come running, I promise!

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The Good Stuff In Skin Treats

For more than a year I have been looking into developing a line of products that would complement the use of my soap. You had been asking me if I was going to consider making moisturizers–and for a time, I was. However after many months of researching, formulating and experimenting, I finally laid it to rest because there was NO way that I could create something that wouldn’t require the use of an antimicrobial preservative.

You see, any product that contains water is prone to getting contaminated with microorganisms. Anything that I make would most definitely go dodgy in a matter of 6 weeks, even if you were to keep my creams in the fridge. The only way around this issue is to introduce a preservative and I want to avoid this as far as possible.

To be honest I was initially kinda disappointed that I couldn’t introduce my own line of moisturizers, especially since I know that so many people look for products to further moisturize and treat their skin. Let’s face it, there’s only so much moisture that soap can give your skin, right? And you can’t exactly lather up at your office cubicle when your skin feels its driest thanks to the airconditioning…!

But that all changed when I finally had access to this one terrific ingredient: jojoba oil.

I was completely amazed at how easily it was absorbed into the skin–as it turns out, jojoba oil isn’t an oil at all, but rather a liquid wax that closely resembles the chemical structure of our own human sebum. No wonder my skin drank it up! So I began tweaking my formulations and experimenting, until I finally came up with the Skin Treats line. Each blend is created with the intention of helping your skin get moisturized and rehabilitated over the long run. I will be introducing more varieties with time, as I need to save up enough cash to buy the desired ingredients in bulk.

Here are a few things you should know about my Skin Treats:

  • Each blend consists of 100% whole plant oils. Each list of ingredients is short and simple.
  • They aren’t greasy (as long as you don’t go overboard in the amount that you apply!). If your skin is in need of the moisturization, the oils will sink in fairly easily.
  • Just a small amount of each oil blend goes a LONG way.
  • I make each blend in small batches, usually 10 bottles each time so that when they go up for sale they’re fresh.
  • I only use human test subjects, including myself, my children, and any other willing subject.

In addition to jojoba oil (I can tell you that there’s a very high percentage of it in each Skin Treats blend), I use other carrier oils and essential oils to nourish your skin from the outside. Let me briefly explain what the oils in the Dry Skin Relief blend do:

Sweet Almond Oil is pressed from the nuts of the sweet almond tree found in the Mediterranean, and is high in both minerals and oleic acid, that hydrates and nourishes skin. It is particularly good for dry and baby skin (but you might want to avoid this oil if you suffer from a nut allergy).

Apricot Kernel Oil may well be my next favourite oil after jojoba for two simple reasons: it is a fantastic emollient that softens skin (especially if it’s very dry), and on top of that, it has its own lovely, delicate fragrance. As with sweet almond oil, it is high in oleic acid. It is also said to be able to soothe minor skin irritations.

Benzoin Resinoid is actually an aromatic extract, not an essential oil. When the bark of the benzoin tree (found in various parts of tropical Asia such as Java and Sumatra) is damaged it releases a sticky, reddish-brown resin that smells surprisingly akin to vanilla, and spice. It is commonly used in perfumery as a fixative (to prevent other essential oils from evaporating too quickly), while in skincare, it is valued as an antiseptic and aids in healing.

Frankincense is an essential oil that is also obtained from the resin of a tree through steam distillation. It is reputed to have remarkable rejuvenating and healing properties. I read somewhere that ancient Egyptians used the resin as an incense, a preservative in the embalming process, a perfume, and an offering to the gods. And there is also news that Frankincense could possibly play a big role in treating cancer.

Sweet Orange essential oil is said to encourage collagen formation in the skin, therefore helping skin to maintain a more supple, youthful appearance. Personally though, I love its sunny, cheerful scent. How could you not smile if you should catch a whiff of this pleasing, tangy aroma?

So I hope that whets your appetite for these skin-loving oils. Remember–I only use 100% whole plant oils for each blend. Nothing but natural goodness in each bottle. Try them out for yourself today!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

To all our chinese customers, and whoever else will be celebrating the lunar new year, have a happy chinese new year. We’ll be taking a break from Thursday the 3rd till Sunday the 6th of February to just kick back and spend quality time with family.

Do be careful on the roads if you’re traveling back to your home towns and enjoy the catching up with your friends and family. Love from the Ngeows!