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Meet Me And My Friends At The Crafty Art Market!

Crafty Art Market 2Head on down to Jaya One this Saturday, 19 February 2011, to indulge your senses for a few hours in handmade craft heaven. This time I’m not bringing Reuben along and so will be able to hold a decent, grown-up conversation with you if you come by! :p Try my new Skin Treats for yourself, and of course, my soap will all be there for you to get to see, touch, smell and savour.

And if you find me missing from my stall, it’s because I’ll probably be ogling at my friends’ creations. We’ll be dotted along the road and paths outside The Bee. Read this post on Etsy Malaysia’s blog for an idea of what other delightful things you’ll find at the market. Yell for me and I’ll come running, I promise!

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