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Goats Milk and Patchouli Reformulated

This new batch of goats milk and patchouli is a little different from my original recipe. Here are the main things I’ve tweaked:

  • The entire water portion has now been replaced with goats milk, instead of half water and half goats milk. This gives the bar a more tan colour and adds the same lovely gingerbread-y scent as my goats milk and honey soap to the scent of patchouli;
  • I’ve taken out the castor oil and worked instead with a base of palm, coconut, canola oils and cocoa butter to make the bar last longer (fingers crossed on this one), and it’s just as moisturizing.

Will this affect how the soap behaves on your skin (especially if you’ve used this before)? Well, it should be just as good (if not better), given that I’ve bumped up the amount of goats milk in the recipe, and will definitely lather just as well.

For existing fans of goats milk and patchouli, I hope you will like the added scent of the caramelised goats milk that will now accompany the patchouli essential oil. I know how much some of you adore that smell! I’m already taking pre-orders through email up till April 8th when this batch is ready.

3 thoughts on “Goats Milk and Patchouli Reformulated

  1. I add any addictives after I’ve mixed the lye and oil together.

  2. It seems to lend a baked goodie, or gingerbread-like smell to my soap. Subtle but it’s definitely there. How do you normally add your goats milk in? Mine is mixed cold with the lye.

  3. Does adding goats milk give scent to the soaps? Normally they smell neutral to me. Maybe it’s something wrong with my nose ʘ‿ʘ

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