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Holding Myself Accountable

I’ve reached a point where I’m more caught up with just continuing production of my staple line of soaps and meeting orders, and have not set aside much time to experiment with new formulations and ingredients. C’est la vie I suppose, but I don’t want to be apathetic about it. So to hold myself accountable, I’m telling you right here that I’m committing to at least one soaping session a week that is dedicated to trying out new recipes, ingredients of techniques over the next four weeks.

What has been motivating me to do this is reading blogs and looking at creations such as these:

This cheerfully-coloured soap is from the spanish-speaking soapmaker’s blog, Pasito-a-Pasito.

And this one, Vanilla Noir from Inner Earth Soaps in Australia.

There. I’ve said it. If you don’t see any updates here of my adventures with new soaps, bug me on my Facebook page, Twitter, or just drop me an e-mail.

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