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Online Pre-Order Form Now Available

Ah, it’s good to be back! Our family getaway to Cameron Highlands was laid back and fun, but I must admit that it was still really tiring just to make sure the kids were all settled in and entertained. They loved the chilly air, and we discovered just how amazing the local strawberries are! I am also still enamoured by the memory of the lush, rolling hills of the Boh tea plantation that we visited.

Anyway, in an attempt to get myself a bit better organised, I’ve finally managed to put up an Online Pre-Order form for you to fill in in case there’s something you’d like to buy from the shop, but is currently out of stock.

I’ve actually forgotten a handful of orders before because they were sent in verbally or by SMS (I still feel guilty about them!) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this can help prevent this from happening again. Already I feel like I’m operating with half a brain, at the rate I keep forgetting my own personal things! There was once I went hunting high and low around my apartment for my house keys, not realising that I was already clutching them firmly in one hand. >.<

So please help me with my ongoing efforts to repopulate my brain cells while getting your orders sorted out–click here for the form. Thanks! 😀

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