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Results from Experimenting with Indigo Powder

I would have LOVED to have posted a success story accompanied with show-off photos to display fantastically blue coloured soap using indigo powder as the colourant…

…but that wasn’t to be.

I tried with two different kinds of indigo powder–one was still its natural green (which was meant for dying hair black), and the other was a deep blue powder. I thought the natural green one would turn blue when mixed with in the lye water but it didn’t happen. It stayed green. The resulting soap was the same dull green.

With the deep blue powder, initially it looked promisingly blue. In about 15 minutes after pouring, however, it started to turn rather decidedly black and gave off a mildly repulsive smell, not unlike rotten eggs. A day later the soap looked a deep algae blue-green. It’s kinda nice actually, but still too deep a colour.

I’ll post up photos soon. The results were disappointing, but I will keep trying to coax out a nice colour from the deep blue powder for my soap. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Results from Experimenting with Indigo Powder

  1. Hai, i’m trying to prepare hair dye using henna, just wondering if i can use bunga telang in place of indigo powder for the dye

    1. Hi Sukdaiv, sorry but I have no idea about using bunga telang as a hair dye. :”) Hope you’ll find your answer eventually!

  2. Hi,

    I have a request for assistance from you. I would like to ask you where did you buy the indigo powder in Malaysia?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Siew Li, thanks for visiting our website! I bought mine from a site called, but I’ve just queried it again to see if they still stock indigo powder, and it looks like they don’t. 🙁 Maybe I missed out on something – do give it a go, ya? Good luck!

  3. Hey Rafidah, that’s a brilliant suggestion – thanks a lot! I had a few other readers suggest the same thing actually, but I’m not an expert at cooking so was clueless as to where to get dried bunga telang to use for the colouring. Do you have any suggestions where I may get some?

    EEee, you’ve made me so excited to try this again, WITH the blue pea flowers this time! 😀 Thank yoooou!

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I don’t know much about soapmaking, but have you tried using the juice of bunga telang to make blue soap? This is the blue colourant used for pulut tai tai (a nyonya kuih) and also nasi kerabu (east coast specialty dish). I don’t know if the colour will hold up when mixed with soap batter, though!


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