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I can’t believe it. I’m sitting here at my desk on a Saturday afternoon, drawing up a daily timetable for myself. 0_o I thought I’d left this practice to rest back in school! But things have been getting progressively more hectic to the point where I find myself needing to do 37 different things all at the same time, and all of which seem important. A sure sign of poor planning.

So yeah. I’m resorting to referring to a sheet of A4 paper stuck on my wall to remind myself what’s the next order of the day. Let’s see how this pans out in the next few weeks…

3 thoughts on “Structure

  1. Ai Shiang: Oh, for a few hours to just put my feet up and not do a thing! :p

    Anne-Marie: As you can see, that scheduled down-time is my proverbial carrot right now. :p Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Good for you sitting down and making a schedule! I am all about making lists and sticking to a time table and believe me, when you get used to it, it’s so nice! You get so much accomplished and once you’re caught up you can even schedule some down time if you’re lucky =)

  3. It’s always good to be busy/occupied. :D

    I’m so used to being busy during weekdays that I really hate weekends. ʘ‿ʘ

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