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Shipping Policies

My hubby gave wise words of counsel the other day, when the kids were asleep and I was on the brink of tears scrambling through my mountains of paperwork, un-sent packages and receipts. He said, “Outsource the more routine duties so you can focus on actually making soap.”

While I’m most definitely grateful for the steady growth of sales here at Kinder Soaps, it has gotten to the point where I sometimes cannot cope with the sheer volume of stuff that needs doing. One of the more pressing issues is getting packages done up nicely and sent out in a timely manner. So instead of running around like a mad, headless chicken fulfilling orders on the spot, I have opted to take a more systematic approach to handling deliveries.

From now on, I will ship within T+2 days upon receipt of your payment, using PosLaju for local deliveries, and registered parcel for international destinations. So for example if you transfer funds to my account today, but your payment clears in my bank account tomorrow, I will most likely ship the following business day, or the day after that at the very latest.

At least this way I can avoid the mad rush of doing up packages on an ad-hoc basis and instead group all my tasks together more efficiently.

(I know this post has nothing to do with outsourcing, but perhaps in the near future I will have some experiences to share with you on this.)

Thank goodness for my better half! :p

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