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We’re Now Officially a Sdn Bhd (Limited Liability Company)!

At long last–Kinder Soaps is now a separate legal entity from myself, as of 9th May 2011. Should I set this date aside as Kinder Soaps Sdn Bhd’s birthday?

I should get some cake. Chocolate? Butterscotch..?

I must thank Melysa Lum of Carbrinice Art who introduced me to the company secretary who made this so effortless and pain-free, Janice Chong. I’d strongly recommend her if any of you are in need of such services, just ask me for her number. 🙂

And of course, I couldn’t have possibly gotten to this stage without the support of all Kinder Soaps’ lovely customers. Thank you for your constant encouragement and useful feedback. Knowing that what little knowledge and skill I can offer you does make a difference in your lives, is what keeps me going. You nourish my heart.

Now that’s done, it’s on to properly registering my soap with our National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau. That’s for the bigger picture. For now, I must get all these orders OUT OF THE DOOR.

* dives back into my pile of papers *

2 thoughts on “We’re Now Officially a Sdn Bhd (Limited Liability Company)!


    Here’s to more organic soap choices in the near future!!


    1. I haz a few up my sleevies. ;)

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