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Brief Update

As I write this, my daughter is busy chatting away by herself in the shower stall, doodling on the doors with some special washable pens. If my eldest son was home (he’s with his papa at the office today), there’s no question that I’ll hear more sibling squabbles and Andrea wailing about her big brother’s antics.

And then there’s Reuben, who gets around to doing things like THIS while noone’s looking:

Life’s little surprises. I really couldn’t help myself from bursting into laughter when I saw Reuben’s look of utter glee while clutching a fistful of dirt!

The past few weeks have been more family-focused, and I also took a short ‘break’ of sorts while recovering from shingles. It’s completely cleared now, thank goodness! So I’m more or less back into the swing of things, but my goodness–sleep seems like a luxury that I can’t afford! Which is strange, because I used to think that same way when I was working in full time employment. Now it seems that running my own business from home is not much different in terms of the amount of time I get to have in terms of quality rest!

Having said that though, I wouldn’t like to have things any differently. 🙂

On the soaping front, I’m out of stock for Clarity so will be whipping up a fresh batch in the next couple of days. Breakfast Bars are also running low. Spiced Coffee is just off the curing rack and is ready for sale. As for Songbird, well, that’s still in the experimental stage for now. I’ll definitely let you know when it’s ready to sayang your skin!

I’m also seriously contemplating and planning for the eventual move of my actual soapmaking work to my office space in Damansara Jaya. Having tens of bottles of lye in the house full of active kids makes me skittish, and it would be lovely to reclaim some of our personal space back! :p Unfortunately the place is in need of some major plumbing work before I can move in properly, so it should be some months before I can actually make soap there.

Oh, and the next Crafty Art Market will be on June 25th at Jaya One. I’m helping to get the Etsy sellers signed up and organised once again–but I can’t participate as I will be away in Penang that weekend. 🙁 And this time round it’s supposed to be massive, as the organisers have decided to host three different markets all on the same day: Chic POP, Bettr Weekends and Crafty Art Market. The whole event will be called “Markets at Jaya One”. More details can be found here. Do drop by on the day to support our very talented local artisans, who make everything from journals to trinkets of all kinds, and soap! Patty of Lullabelle Handmade Soap will be there–say hi to her for me and have a look at her wares. 🙂

Alright then, I’d better wrap up this blogpost and decide which soap to make this afternoon. Clarity? Breakfast Bar…?

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  1. thank u for meantioned me, i will miss u ok! hope to see u in next round!huggies to u and reuben :)reuben is so cute eventhou with his new hair style:)

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