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Customer Feedback: Clarity (#2)

Clarity seems to be getting pretty popular! 😀 Here’s another email I received out of the blue from Zhafa Rini about her experience with it:

Hi Michelle, I bought Soap Sampler last month. Clarity was included in the package. As I have an oily complexion, I have problems with pimples. Especially in the area near my ears (sorry I don’t know what should I call it). My mum wasn’t convinced about this soap at first but recently she complimented my about the reducing pimples on my face. Also,my skin become smooth and less oily. Now my sister,cousin and mother are using it(we cut it into few pieces) and I have to tell you that I will need a new one soon 😀 I love the scent too! Thanks a lot Michelle!

Zhafa Rini, I’m really glad that the soap seems to be helping your skin. 🙂

And although I know this next bit of advice is something you probably hear all the time (from your mom, especially!), do continue to drink a LOT of water to help your body and skin stay well-hydrated. It’s supposed to also keep our bodies able to carry off waste matter that could otherwise contribute to our skin looking congested and breaking out in zits.

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