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Soap Disaster – Breakfast Bar Bleeds

I decided to take a few deep breaths and blog about tonight’s incident RIGHT AWAY. Just so I don’t have to deal with what I just saw immediately.

So there I was unmolding my block of Breakfast Bars. I prop it up on its side, as I usually do:

Looks perfectly normal, right? But something wasn’t quite right already, on sight – beads of water on the surface of the soap. And sure enough–pH reading was 14. Waaaay to alkaline. Uh-oh.

Then I turned it round and peeled off the paper liner underneath the block, and Oh. My. GAWD:

There was black, runny liquid spilling out of the bottom of my soap block, like heavy soya sauce. Han was quick to come over and help, and to investigate. The liquid smelt sweet–it must be the raw honey then! Was it because the soap overheated? I warmed up the oils and beeswax to my usual temperature of just over 67°C (it’s the melting point for beeswax) before adding the lye (which was at about 40°C).

Upon closer inspection:

Maaan, it really looks like an open wound. 0_o

I can’t think of ANY means to salvage this batch…

Right. So. Uhm. I’m gonna go back there and stare at this block for a while more in disbelief, and find a way to toss it in the trash. Then go over what could have gone wrong.

That’s RM1,800 worth of soap gone. :((

2 thoughts on “Soap Disaster – Breakfast Bar Bleeds

  1. That’s true. But I’ve never felt fear of botching up a batch of soap – until this happened! :p

  2. Even though we have been doing the same recipe for many times, this will still happen. This is the special part for soap making :)

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