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Meet Us At Markets @ Jaya One 5, Saturday March 3rd

We’re getting all geared up for our first market in 2012! It’s at Jaya One once again, but this time there will not be a designated area for handcrafted goods, i.e. Crafty Art Market–ALL vendors will be lined up in and around Palm Square, and we’ll be super easy to find this time (I hope!).

Here’s the schematic for Saturday’s booth layout:

We'll be behind Bar Madrid, along the road.

A couple of things for you to take note of for this Saturday’s Markets event:

  1. If you have any recyclable items at home you wish to discard (eg. aluminum cans, old newspapers, etc) please bring them to the Markets as the organisers will be having their first Recycle Drive in front of Palm Square (next to OCBC Bank) as well.
  2. The Market’s registration counter for the public will be located opposite Duck King and Guo Ren Guan. Remember to get your goodie bags here okay? ๐Ÿ™‚

And here’s the full list of vendors there on the day, and their booth numbers–satisfy your curiosity and really take the time to explore the market! I’m sure it’ll make for a terrific afternoon outing for the family.

See you on Saturday!

1 House of Allure
3 Thr5t
4 OMG It’s Us
5 Peep Boutique
6 Twizs
7 Vintage Biri-Biri
8 Xisters
9 Oh&h
11 Kiiss
12 FURUI Clothing
14 EmiKaz
15 The Bubble Lab
17 Luscious Delight
18 Arts Cream Gallery
19 Myglasscubicle
20 Owhsome
21 Guiirin
22 Sunny Sideup Closet
23 Un-Masqued
24 The Petticoats Lingerie
25 Like iGloo
26 Trendy Confessions
27 Winkstick
28 I Heart Badges
29 Love and Craft
30 Blurry Boutique
31 Notbook-notbuk
32 Calaqisya/Cala Man
33 Swit Martini
34 Helmelia Hisham
35 Karen Wong
36 MOOKS/Ripcurl
37 Miracle Watts
38 .::[ALLkinds OF Everything]::.
39 Mimpi Murni
40 Phat Culture
42 Sewfabby
43 JUS Black Box
44 Pretty Little Freaks
46 Chasseur de Rรƒยชve
47 Sharonsen
48 Nick Chong
49 Luvpercent
50 Soak Republic
51 PitterPatterPlace
52 Emcee Couture
53 Project Swissify
54 6Tea’s Boutique
55 6Tea’s Boutique
56 HisPebbles
57 Keyna Boutique
58 The Hanging Thread
59 Lana Laang
60 My DIY Little World
61 Roadblock Fashion
62 Jainabee
63 Kee’s Creampuff
64 House of Dollface
65 Delirious Accessories
66 Eggbash Cothing
67 DisturbiaDistro
68 Baked Cookies
69 Kindersoaps
70 PurpleDotz
71 Lush Serendipity
72 NaisWear
73 Tanks for 5
75 Daphne Clothing
76 Pastiche
77 Mibead
78 Ninu Handmade
79 All In Online Store
80 Sugar Dressing
81 Jewels Paradis
82 CuppaTea

1 WWF Malaysia
2 Lovely Candy Shop
3 Novels for Nepal
4 BreadnButter
5 Adrien Ritzal
6 Whenever Store
7 Jesslyn Tandela
8 Glossy Additction
9 Bisou Rose
10 Makeover Now
11 Maz Mynrose
12 Nakalicious
13 Dusky Wings
14 Sara Ong
15 Kiss & Tell

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The Power of Scent at Kinder Soaps

We all have experienced in some way, the power of scent in evoking memories–most of them pleasant ones. For me this morning, I realised that whenever I walk into my office/soap studio, I always feel happy and energised, no matter what my state of mind was when I woke earlier that morning.

I don’t think it’s just the effect of essential oils though. All I have on the curing rack at the moment are Friday’s batch of Goats Milk and Patchouli, and some bars of Songbird. This feeling of well-being is ALWAYS present when I’m here.

I look at my hard floor work area in the back. It is lined with vinyl squares. It finally dawned on me that THIS was the scent that gets me going each and every time I step into this place.


I spent my university years studying at the University of Warwick in Coventry, UK. The university housing, as well as the terrace house that I eventually shared with my flatmates used a lot of vinyl flooring, especially in the kitchen areas. And those years were chock-full of heady experiences, emotional highs and lows, a sense of invulnerability, curiosity and an inexhaustible supply of optimism.

It was a happy time, and the vinyl flooring here evokes those memories and emotions.

And that is what is being channeled into all the stuff that I make here, for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ How cool is that?

Have a terrific week ahead everyone!